Objective Markers: Fallen Banner, Cannon Balls

WIP objective markers with a fantasy/ancients theme.

Fallen Banner:  nothing is more important than the regimental banner.  Troops will fight to the last to preserve their honor for the colors of the unit.  The ground is littered with broken and discarded weapons in a last effort to stand the banner up right one final time. 

The ground works are plastic card weapons & armor, most created from .015 inch styrene.  A shattered spear is made from a length of green stuff, large rocks are broken sheets of Apoxie Sculpt (left overs from the rune stone base project) and a few arrow shafts are made from thin rounds of plastic card with .015 inch styrene fins.

The banner is green stuff, rolled out on a flat surface & cut to shape.  The banner pole is two lengths of brass rod glued in a T.  Hidden under the green stuff is a re-enforcing length of plastic card.  This bit of support might be the pieces undoing, it might not be visible in the pics, but the banner shaft makes a large lump in the middle of the banner.  I’m not sure I’ll need to re-work the piece to correct the problem.  C&C welcome.

banner base  banner 2   banner 3

Cannon Balls:  A simple objective marker made from 4 wooden balls sourced from Wood Shoppe Turnings at Hobby Lobby.  Green stuff fills the gaps at both the base and between the lower/upper cannon balls.  Base is a wooden 1.5 inch round with sand.

cannon balls

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