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Beastman Battle Standard Bearer

Converting my 6th ed Beast of Chaos army into a 7th ed army lead me to adding a Battle Standard Bearer.  Wanting something quick and inexpensive, I converted a Chaos Warrior body with Beastman arms, legs and head.  Most of the work was done with side clippers & exacto – with the warrior cape covering up most of the damage to the knees.  A small ball of putty supports the head, together with a few strokes of the sculpting tool to blend in the new neck.  All told, I may have spent more time digging in my bitz box for parts than working on the figure.

Beastman Battle Standard Bearer

Beastman Battle Standard Bearer


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Testors Dull Coat

Absolutely amazed by Testors Dull Coat, I’ve never had a spray sealer so completely kill the shine on figures before.   The units I’m currently working on are dipped in wood stain, which leaves a heavy duty shine on the model.  One coat of Testors returned the figures to a perfect dull finish (almost too perfect – a little bit of shine can help hide painting imperfections).

Picked up my can at the local Michael’s Arts and Crafts for about $4.50.


The Only Good Space Wolf…

is a dead Space Wolf.

SW terrain_1000

SW terrain 2_1000 SW terrain 3_1000

No need to go into the vile details, but I have no love of the Space Wolves.  Here’s hoping for a good nerfing in their new codex.

The terrain piece is Armor Cast based on plastic card with a few Mordheim bits.