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Spectre Hobbies now stocking CTF castings

Spectre Hobbies is now stocking gaming products cast by Chicago Terrain Factory. The initial release includes:

  • 40mm Urban Bases
  • 25mm Urban Bases
  • 25mm Rune Bases
  • Fallen Banner objective marker
  • Alien Pod Mouth terrain piece

Look for the Chicago Terrain Factory products in the Bases category.


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40K 5th Ed: LOS Rumor Reaction

Bell of Lost Souls posted the latest round of 40K 5th edition rule rumors.  For the most part, I don’t get worked up about changes to 40K rules- I’ve only played 2-3 times in the past two years.  But this one really burns me:

Line of Sight:
There are no height levels, all terrain is true LOS (even jungles and woods). They will need to be modeled appropriately if they are to block LOS.

Now even the terrain is made obsolete by a new rule set!  As the person who frequently brings the terrain, I now need to bring and build taller terrain if I want to make sure LOS is blocked equally for all units.  Short trees need to be replaced by tall trees.  Short, fragmented ruins need to be replace by larger, more complete buildings.  If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know that most of my terrain pieces are cast in plaster.  Bigger terrain will mean heavier boxes, more sore backs and even worse fuel economy getting to events (OK, that last one is a bit of a stretch).

In related news – stay tuned for a new Warhammer Ancients army – those Chinese from 500 BC are not changing any time soon.


Quick Links: Alkemy Jungle board

Fabulous 4×4 jungle temple board created for the Alkemy game.

Alkemy jungle tableDrop by the Alkemy forums for 27 more pics of this board, discussion in French. Work-in-Progress shots also on Alkemy. Discussions in English by the builder on Wyrd forums.

Construction appears to be mostly foam board shaved to fit with details scribed in pencil. Statues could be aquarium pieces. Figures in relief are gaming figures. All terrain items are modular – enhancing the playability of the board.

I particularly like this board because it would be so flexible to play on. Alkemy is a medieval fantasy game, but the board would work equally well for pulp adventure or High Seas with a eastern spin.

Update 12-3-2008:  updated forum link for the jungle board. Th original forum post was hacked.  Follow this link to see the rest of the pics.



Pirate Crews

Getting ready for Adepticon next week with three pirate crews for the Legends of the High Seas demo table. Crews are constructed from Privateer Press Sea Dogs, Games Workshop Empire Militia, and Wargames Foundry Scurvy Dogs.  Paint plan is simple with brown, black/grey & beach bone with a primary color for each crew.


Gamer software – anything better than free?

If there is one thing gamers like, its free stuff and the web is full of open source and advertiser supported programs to help out your gamer hobby.

Before those pictures of the new project can be posted online – the pics will need a little clean up. is my current favorite editor to crop, size and retouch photos. Picasa can do a lot of the same and can help organize & post your photo collection. For heavy duty work GIMP is the one you want (be warned – the tool bar has enough buttons to launch the space shuttle). Or for light work, check the various online editors.

Getting ready for the weekend game? Write up your roster or track the league play at Zoho or Google Docs. Need a bit of artwork to spice up the list? Inkscape will let you create the vector drawings needed for a new look.

If you’re reading this post, chances are you already have a blog. But if you don’t and want to jump in and start your own, WordPress and Blogger are both self hosted (and nearly idiot proof) platforms. Want to go old school & write your own web site? Kompozer & Coffee Cup have free HTML editors and the web is full of free hosting sites. Don’t forget the forum, us gamers love to talk. Ever wonder why a lot of hobby stores look alike? They are all using the same shopping cart.

This post is just the tip of the iceberg. What software and services do you like to use with your gamer hobby?