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Warbands with Warriors of Chaos

As part of an ongoing Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign, our group spent a night playing warbands. Great fun playing 4 games at 500 points each. We followed the Adepticon warband rule set for army construction.  Its been a long time since I’ve played in a tournament – big change of pace to run a game in 50 minutes instead of the leisurely 3 hours the campaign games have taken.

Of the eight players, my list was the only one without a character.  In such a small list, 150 points is a huge price to pay for a hero.  Instead, I invested the points in 10 Chaos Warriors!  Having 44 models can not only overwhelm an opponent, but it will overwhelm a deployment zone.  I frequently found myself with units deployed 2 or 3 rows deep.

The list played best against other combat lists (Chaos, Orks) and struggled against shooting armies (Empire, Wood Elves).   If I were to run this list again, I would increase the size of the Warrior units to 7 or 8.  Frequently, out numbering was the only bonus to combat resolution.  Having a half rank to draw reinforcements from would make the Warriors even more formidable.

Army List

500 Pts – Warriors of Chaos Warband

Chaos Warriors (5#, 85 pts)
5 Chaos Warriors @ 85 pts (Hand Weapon; Extra Hand Weapon; Chaos Armor; Shield)

Chaos Warriors (5#, 85 pts)
5 Chaos Warriors @ 85 pts (Hand Weapon; Halberd; Chaos Armor; Shield)

Chaos Marauders (10#, 70 pts)
9 Chaos Marauders @ 70 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon)
1 Chieftan (Commander; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon)

5 Chaos Marauders @ 25 pts (Hand Weapon; Flail)

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 98 pts (Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Throwing Axe; Shield; Fast Cavalry)

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 81 pts (Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Flail; Fast Cavalry)

Chaos Hounds (5#, 30 pts)

Chaos Hounds (4#, 24 pts)

Total Roster Cost: 498


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Full Color Metal

Most painters use one of two methods to apply metallic paints to figures:

  • Dry brush metal over black
  • Paint over base coat, then ink

Try out some thing new – paint metals just like any other color by mixing from shade to high light.  These Chaos Warriors are spray prime black with a top to bottom base coat Graveyard Earth (GW).  Armored plates are a 50/50 mix of Graveyard Earth and Chainmail (GW), with high lights of pure Chainmail.

A silver like Chainmail is not much more than a white tone – mix in a brown for grunge or green for corrosion.  While I have not tried it, I would imagine Red and Brass would go together like a bucket of lava.