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Dismounted Knights

A unit of 20 Dismounted Knights from Black Tree Design, 3rd Crusade.  The army deal provides a nice mix of sculpts with few repeats.  Flash was minimal & sculpting detail is adequate.

Knights 1Knights 2

Paint Plan

Prime White with Rifle Butt (Howard Hues) undercoat

  • Cloth: Codex Grey (GW) with Sky Grey (Vallejo) highlights
  • Shields:  Basic Red (73007 Vallejo)
  • Shading:  Dark Sepia (Secret Weapon)

Where have I been?  For those of you reading CTF, it’s been more than a year since my last post.  In the past 12 months, I’ve moved to a new home, sold a house & my youngest daughter has grown up into a toddler.  While there has been time for gaming, there has been very little time for painting.  In fact, I was rather surprised to find my basing sand & flock still packed away in boxes from the move after more than a year.

What’s next?  My Arab Crusader force needs an opponent.  The painting table is full, as I’ve been busy purchasing Normans/Crusaders for a sizable 1st and/or 3rd Crusades force.    While I have hundreds of figures at the ready, I think I’ll paint small groups which could also double as a Saga army (in the off chance I get to play with that rule set).

Reaper Bones.  Like 17,000 other gamers, I bought in to Reaper’s Bones KickStarter.  The local club has taken to Song of Blades and Heroes as a light weight skirmish game for all the new figures and monsters.  Expect to see a handful pop up on the blog  between units of Normans.


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Arab Horsemen

A handful of figures by Musketeer Miniatures.

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FireForge Teutonic Knights

FireForge is a new manufacture of plastic historical model kits.  Their first release is a 12 figure Teutonic cavalry set.  The miniatures are well sculpted & fit together without much modification.  The kit contains a variety of weapon & shield combinations.  In scale, the figures are rather small, but the flowing capes and barding present a much larger image.

Paint Plan

Prime White with Rifle Butt (Howard Hues) undercoat

  • Cloth: Kommando Khaki (GW), layer 50/50 mix with Chalk White (Vallejo), highlight with Chalk White
  • Cross:  Burnt Cad Red (V), Flat Red (V)
  • Armour:  black base, Boltgun Metal (GW) with Shining Gold highlight



Adepticon 2012: WAB Doubles

Warhammer Ancient Battles – Doubles competition with 6 teams and 12 players.  The team event drew in a number of newer WAB players, with only 5 players returning from Saturday’s singles event.  As with the Singles, the missions used a battle point system based on multiple goals for each round.

Event package download

# Team Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Total Award
1 Grumpy Old Coots Mike Butcher Shawn Welte 47 Best General
2 Circle City Gamers Christopher Watson Matt Beaty 36
3 Mercenaries Tony Strahota Abe Warpinski 34 Best Sportsmanship
4 The Real McNeil John McNeil Jay L 22
5 Just Roman Mike Mansfield Ariel Thompson 11
6 Team Normantium Jeff Pfaffmann Matt Beauchamp 2 Best Appearance


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Adepticon 2012: WAB Singles

Warhammer Ancient Battles – singles competition with 14 players.  Tournament proceeded smoothly with good sportsmanship demonstrated by all.   Appearance was at a high level with a number of well painted armies.  This year’s missions used a battle point system, replacing a simple win/lose with multiple objectives worth a variety of points.

Event package download

# First Name Last Name Total Award
1 Bennett Blalock-Doane 42 Best General
2 Mike Butcher 42
3 Kevin Bruins 30
4 Aaron Loomis 29 Best Appearance
5 Matthew Jayjack 28
6 Abe Warpinski 27
7 Mike Gerold 26 Best Sportsmanship
8 Edward Lowinger 23
9 Alexander Akers 23
10 Tony Strahota 20
11 Aaron Schmidt 18
12 Shawn Welte 10
13 Merle Delinger 4
14 Jay Luehring 0


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Adepticon 2012: Princes Crusade

The Princes Crusade:  Return to Jacob’s Ford was a multiplayer Warhammer Ancients game from Adepticon 2012.  8+ players fielded 12,000 points per side of AOA Crusaders and Caliphates.   The table was 15 foot of desert terrain with hills to the left, the ruined castle of Jacobs Ford in the center and a town to the right.  The game was a smashing success, playing out over 4 hours with few issues despite the size of the event.   The game ended with the Crusaders in control of the supply wagon, the Saracens in control of the loot counters and neither in possession of the central castle.

A few items came as a surprise.   I fully expect 15 foot by 5 1/2 foot to provide a gigantic playing surface.  Instead – the 12K of figures filled the board from edge to edge.  Having only five hours to set up and play, I expected the game to run out of time before turns would be an issue and I did not set a turn limit or keep track of turns.  The game would have come to a more dramatic conclusion with an enforced turn limit.

Event Description:

Princes Crusade:  Return to Jacob’s Ford

The Templar boarder fort at Jacob’s Ford was destroyed in 1179.  Fueled by this defeat, fresh forces from Europe arrive to re-take the castle and avenge the fallen Crusaders.  Advancing late in the season, the Saracen commander has little choice but to engage the invading army or watch his forces return home to harvest crops.

Chastellet Castle:  claim the Templar castle ruins by have the most Generals and/or Army Battle Standard bearers within 12 inches of the ruin center.  Characters must be attached to formed unit which is not fleeing.  Value:  10 Battle Points

City of Beit She’an:  the civilian population of Beit She’an must be ‘protected’ from the Franks/Saracens.   Four loot counters are available in the city.  Claim the counter by moving over it with a unit of more than 5 figures.  Units fleeing or broken in combat will drop any loot counters they hold.  No more than 2 counters per unit.  Value:  2 Battle Points per counter retained at end of game

Supply Wagon:  fresh supplies from the coast are eagerly awaited by the Crusading forces.  Unfortunately, the baggage train has become lost in the foot hills.  Contact & remain within 4 inches of the supply wagon with a formed unit to take possession.  Units in combat lose possession of the supply wagon.  Wagon may be moved at 4 inches per turn by the possessing team.  Value:  6 Battle Points

Death or Glory:   Troops can be replaced – good leaders are hard to find.  Each opposing General or Army Battle Standard killed or having fled the board by the end of the game counts for Death or Glory.  Value:  1 Battle Point

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Warlord Phalangites

Warlord released their plastic Macedonian Phalangites kit this week.  The box contains figures to make 40 Phalangites, all from a single sprue with 4 bodies, 6 heads, 4 shields and 6 pikes.   The sculpting is first class with sharp detail all around & no noticeable flat areas from the steel molds.  There is no flash on the figures & mold lines are very minor.  Figure size is small – matching well with Gripping Beast metal Phalangites and Immortal plastic Hoplites.   For comparison, a model from the large end of 28mm, the Gorgon Etruscan Hoplite is included in the photos.




Senior Ghulam by Musketeer

Senior Ghulam unit for Hail Caesar. Figures by Musketeer. Flag by LBM.

When I first saw the Ghulam miniatures, I just knew I had to work them into my army. Musketeer is sculpting some of the best figure on the market – providing a larger 28mm with real heft and a simplicity of detail.


Artizan Black Guard

Black Guard unit inspired by El Cid for WAB, configured for play with Hail Caesar. Figures by Artizan.  Flag by LBM.

These figures came to me second hand, they don’t all correspond to the Guards figures by Artizan, but I rather like the lack of uniformity.


Historical Figure Affordability

BOLS recently published an editorial placing the average cost for a 1850 pt 40K army between $600 and $750 before taxes or discounts.  Ancients gaming can do one better than that!

For comparison, I will use a 2 division army from Hail Caesar which is roughly similar to a 2000 point WAB army.  This army will have 2 units of cavalry, 4 units of infantry and 2 units of skirmishers which totals 20 cavalry figures and roughly 125 infantry figures.

Most metal historical figures will need to be equipped with a wooden base (11 cents from Litko) and a wire spear (20 cents from Northstar).    Most plastic figures come with Renedra bases and do not require weapon replacements.   Army values include base and spear (for metal figures) but do not include shipping, currency conversion or unit/army discounts .

  • Gripping Beast metal:  $2.20 per infantry and $4.80 per cavalry.   Army = $415.95
  • Gripping Beast & Conquest plastic:  $.73 per infantry and $2.33 per cavalry.  Army = $137.85
  • Perry Miniatures:  $1.83 per infantry and $3.25 per cavalry.  Army = $338.70
  • Aventine:  $1.75 per infantry and $4.67 per cavalry.  Army = $357.10
  • Musketeer:  $2.34 per infantry and $4.67 per cavalry.  Army = $430.85

I could keep going, but the trend is apparent.  Metal figure armies run between $350 and $450 dollars.  Plastic figure armies price in at less than $150!

Prices sourced from:  Architects of War, Aventine, and Musketeer Miniatures