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First Game: Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition

Played my first 2 games of WFB 8th ed at the Intro Party Plastic Legions hosted.  The game is exactly what GW is looking for:  fun, fast and furious.   The new charge rules (base movement + 2D6) had the armies fighting by turn 2.  And the magic rules had wizards throwing mega powerful spells each turn (when they were not blown up by miss-cast).  Combat results where extreme with handfuls of casualties taken each turn – my high CR for the day was 20.  The new combat rules had all players throwing huge blocks of troops on the board.  I ran my Warriors of Chaos with a block of 50 Marauders + 3 units of Warriors, my Skaven opponent only  played 3 units and my Empire opponent fielded a 60 man spear unit with 2 detachments of 30 swordsmen! Both games were more or less over by the 4th turn as the large units smashed each other with dozens of attacks.

I find it funny that GW fixed all the things I hated about WFB when I started playing 10+ years ago.  Every model fights.  Movement is not figity.  Leadership is not the most important statistic.  The game is just like 40K, but different.  10 years later – I’ve grown accustomed to playing a game of blocks and movement. I expect leadership to be important and I like the fact that a plan is required.

The new edition plays so fast and smooth, the game almost plays itself – all the player needs to do is push the units forward and throw many, many dice.

Anyone up for Ancients?