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Learning to Take Better Mini Pics

Learning to take better pics and photos of 40K miniatures and models.   A lot of online photo guilds are useful or even simple, but I still need to translate the sage advice into actual pics for this blog.   Game plan is to pick up a few quality light sources on the cheap, flood the model with light and snap away from a tripod. 

Step 1:  Stopping trip to Target

  • Desk Lamp (2)- rated for 60W   $15.98
  • Mini Tripod  $19.99
  • GE reveal 75 bulbs*  $3.49
  • Gift to state of Illinois  $2.66
  • Total  $42.12

*bulbs are ‘Crystal Clear’, notable by their high price and clear glass bulbs.

Step 2:  Set up desk
Hang a plane white sheet of paper as a back drop.   Not only will the backdrop eliminate any clutter behind the model, but the white face should help reflect more light onto the model.


Test 3:  Results
INQ touchup    INQ raw

Both photos were taken with my new lighting set up.  The photo on the left is touched up with Microsoft Picture It!*.  The photo on the right is cropped, but otherwise unaltered.  Moral of the story, even bad pics can be helped with a touch of computer TLC.

*software that came bundled with my PC along with the other Microsoft products.  Spent about 5 minutes flipping switchs for brightness and sharpness.

I need more work on my photo skills – I’m not at all happy with the yellow haze and the general murkiness in the recesses of the model. Two plans spring to mind – first, add more light (I’ve got my eye on a bank of florescent lights at Wal-Mart); second, try to use and understand terms such as ‘color balance’ and ‘aperture’ (I’ve already tried to read what passes for my camera’s manual without much success).

Links to people who know what they are talking about:



Hasty Fortification 3

Final pics for the Hasty Fortification competition going on at TerraGenesis.  Nothing new – just (in theory) better pics of the project.

earthworks with defenders

earthwork final  earthworks final 2

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Enemy of my Enemy

The 40K tournament that asks:  does it matter who’s fighting next to you?

Date: Oct 13, 2007
Location: Salem Town Hall, WI
# of players: 50

Hosted by the Kenosha Gaming club

Bill Evans, judge and organizer, has jammed all sorts of ticks into this event.

First, armies must include a unit from a different army list – hence the Enemy of my Enemy title.  Second, the scoring and prize categories are both plentiful and varied.  I have my eye on the Fluffmeister Champion award that incorporates Army Appearance, Display Base, Army List and a few other things.  As this event will be my annual opportunity to play a game of 40K, I don’t hold out much hope to rack up many battle points.  Finally, Bill has added a Best Gaming Table award; bring in an entire table worth of gaming terrain!

It’s June, why am I so pumped up about a tournament in October?  Because it’s going to take four months to get everything ready.  I’m back in school for the summer with a professor who believes assigning lots of paper is a good way of teaching the material, which puts me on hobby hiatus until August.  Then its one short month until fall session starts.

To do list for EOME:

  • 1850 IG army:  ready to go.  I’d like to update the tanks, but they can go as is.
  • Enemy:  Carnifex, converted with VC and BS – Stubby will step into fill the roll normally played by Leman Russ tank #2.
  • Display Base:  already roughed out the base in pink foam & started carving rune pieces.  Might change a lot, don’t know if I’m satisfied with the runes yet.
  • Army List:  More than just good old Army Builder is needed for this.  I have a good idea of the army fluff (in fact, it’s been on my About to do list for some time now), now it’s a matter of design.
  • Game Table:  Not sure if I’ll just pull most of a table out of the closet or start from scratch.   The display base project and the game table could quickly become one in the same if I produce molds for most of the work. 

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