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BaneBlade tank painted

The BaneBlade is ready to hit the table.  Standard paint scheme with a bit of weathering on the large gun barrels as well as the engine exhaust & vents.  The blacking is a combination of Smoke (Vallejo) and SS cam black/brown (Vallejo) with a bit of Brown Sand (Vallejo) used to lighten when the black became over powering.

baneblade painted

BaneBlade painted2  baneblade deck  baneblade rear  baneblade side


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Hirst Arts Seminar at Adepticon

If you’ve ever wanted to try out the Hirst molds system without having to invest in molds and plaster, or if you’re already a plaster junky and want to hang out with like minded hobbyists, come on out to the Hirst Seminar at Adepticon 2008.   The Hirst Arts Seminar page has all details about what, where and how.

Adepticon 07

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Quick Links: Terrain tables

A pair of wonderful gaming tables that I need to make note of.  Each has an increadible level of detail and resourcefulness of basic hobby materials that must be appreciated.

Bridges over Troubled Waters by Kendoka.  A full sized Cities of Death 40K table.  If you try real hard, you’ll find bits from GW COD, Pegasus buildings and bridges, Hirst blocks and IMEX. 

Aquaducts by Snitchythedog.   The center piece of the table is an aquaduct constructed from Hirst bricks.  The other table elements appear to be scratch built. 

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Baneblade tank kit

Hands down, the new plastic Baneblade is the best model kit GW has ever produced.  I hope the fan boy is not roaring too loud here, but the model practically builds itself.  The computer aided design is very evident in the precision and fit of the pieces.  Joints and corners are very cleanly constructed with very small tolerances.   The auxiliary weapons are cast with both more and finer detail that previous kits.   And best of all, at $95.00 the Bane Blade is at a better price point than most of GW’s kits.

Of course, I am still able to find one thing to complain about (this is the Internet after all) – the drive wheels on the front and rear of the tracks should be better connected to the tank hull.  The rear wheel is very weakly attached to the side wall with a small pin & wrapping the caterpillar tracks around the wheel in a straight line was a “challenge”. 

bane blade

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