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Citadel Washes

When a dozen gamers get together and all think a new product rocks (and hell has not frozen over) – its time to pay attention.  The new Citadel Washes received high praise over at Dakka – surprised by the response, I bought a box to try out the washes myself.

One of the problems with my painting style is a lack of shade – and washes are a perfect way of restoring the shade/mid range/highlight balance on a finished figure.  Below are washed (left) and unwashed (right) pictures of the same Pirate model.  I was able to try out most of the washes provided in the box set:  shirt- Devlan Mud, pants – Badab black, vest- Baal Red, skin – Ogryn Flesh, sword – Asurmen blue.  I’m most impressed with Mud on the tan shirt.  Ogryn Flesh is a lot like the old Flesh Wash.  Baal Red did not do much on the vest – I really should give it another try using the Leviathan Purple instead.  Asurmen blue on the sword is a bit much for a “historical” pirate – but I supect that a mix of black and blue has a lot of potential as an armor wash.

Pirate with wash Sea Dog Pirate




Pair of Chaos Spawn

Pair of metal Chaos Spawn from Games Workshop.  The spawn on the right is converted with the head/torso from a flamer demon & has the back spines replaced with flamer arms.

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Trio of Beastmen

A set of Beastmen dating to around 2003.  Originally painted for a dungeon crawl game played at the first Adepticon – I’d almost forgotten that I still owned these until I found them hanging out with the rest of the chaos army.


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Full Set Lava Bases

The new demon armies provide gamers the opportunity to play one set of models for both 40K and WFB.  The lava bases project is for a friend of mine who wanted a complete set of bases for an upcoming chaos army project.  All that’s needed is either a pinning or magnet system to flip an army from one system to the other.

The bases are green stuff/procreate over plastic bases.  Texture is applied with a concrete rock, then lava channels are added with a wire hook tool and a standard sculpting tool.  Hardest part of the whole project was mixing up all the green stuff – the bases used up a 30 inch roll of GS.  I spent more time mixing than sculpting.   FYI – don’t let your green stuff lay around too long.  The roll I used was stored in the freezer for 6 years, causing the yellow portion to develop a skin that mixed poorly with the blue portion.

The bike/cavalry bases are designed to go from square to round.  The square cav base slots into the open space on the round bike base.

40K lava bases

40K collection

25mm round – resin bases

WFB collection

25mm square