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Hail Caesar: Game 1

Played my first game of Hail Caesar last night.  Despite the numerous trips to the rule book to sort out this or that, the game played smoothly.  The leadership based movement system lead to a rather organic unit flow over the table – one flank stuck in immediately while the other flank was rather shy and hung back.  The game system easily handled the 24 units on the table (roughly 3000 points of WAB armies per side).  While this game played out over 3 hours, I could see game time being less than 2 hours once the rules are in hand.

The general consensus is that the game plays well without any fiddly rules to get in the way of the carnage.

Army List: HC Arab and Saxon HC does not come with fixed army lists, rather the game provides unit examples and sample army lists.  Building the game list was relativity easy  with both sides pulling out every model available and working it into the list.  I could see this approach being a problem in a pick up game situation – but in out game club we have plenty of time to sort out the lists before playing.

John has photos posted on Plastic Legions. Obviously, our next big task is to get all the lead painted!