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Hail Caesar: game 3

Game 3 of Hail Caesar was a solo match against John pitting his Saxons against my Arabs.  We are starting to get a firm grasp of the rules at this point, and were busy trying out some of the more advanced concepts such as the leader Rally command & sorting out the Sweeping Advance. Once again Hail Caesar demonstrates its value by the ease with which it handles a battle of over 350 figures!

Only point of contention so far is the frequency that a division will fail a command roll multiple turns in a row.  For our game, the left flank was uneventful for a number of turns as neither John nor I could motivate our troops to move.  Not a big deal with 2 other divisions to play with – but could be frustrating in a group game when each player only has 1 division.  I’ll need to come up with some sort of “get out of jail” card when running HC as a convention participation game.

Unit values are mostly based on the Damascus scenario from the main rule book. The list was balanced vs. John’s list by having the same number of Heavy and Medium units, by matching the number of Useful Rules (Bows for me, Axes for John) and by having the same number of small units.  Hail Caesar Arab 12 unit army list


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River City Hobbies WAB tournament

River City Hobbies in La Crosse, WI hosted a Warhammer Ancient Battles tournament this weekend.  I had the good fortune to attend.  While a good time was had – I’ll not go into detail about my record….  Let me just say it was not a good day to be my General or to be a member of his body guard.

Army list:  African Invaders army from the El Cid book

  • Mounted General
  • Battle Standard Bearer on foot
  • 2 units of Berbers with bow
  • Mercenary Spearmen
  • Mercenary Knights
  • Berber cavalry
  • Andalusian bowmen