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Hail Caesar, 2nd Edition

The second edition of Hail Caesar is a cleaned up & well organized version of the game we all know and love. The changes add an extensive table of contents, cross reference page notes, and easy to read bullet point descriptions. New chapters include a historical summary, the army point system from the army books, rules for later medieval battles and siege battles.

The handful of new rules (or rules which I have forgotten over the years) are noted below:

PG 82 – Open Order units with view to the enemy can act on initiative orders.
PG 86 – Proximity requires a visible, qualifying enemy to the unit’s front and to be within 12 inches.
PG 109 – Diagram illustrating a diagonal charge action when its the only path to joining the combat.
PG 114 – New charge reaction. Infantry can turn to face.
PG 118 – Medium and Light infantry units are allowed to close ranks.
PG 120 – Diagram illustrating a unit supporting at a diagonal, touching only at the corner.
PG 130 – Follow Up orders can be given to Disordered/Shaken units.
PG 136 – Generals have two new orders. Where’s your courage? and General Advance.
PG 145 – Light cavalry in open order take no distance modifiers for orders, and move 12 inches with each order.
PG 161 – Pike have new restrictions including only a single movement order outside of their front arch, not able to turn to face, and loss of pike in forest.
PG 171 – Woods. Cavalry must dismount and are treated as infantry. Units are limited to 5 attack dice. A check is required to remove disordered status (except for light/skirmish infantry units).

Break Checks – it appears that the only copy of the hand to hand chart is on the last page of the book.  Only the shooting break check chart is (copied multiple times) included in the chapters and summary. Also noted that shooting results in a Retreat and combat results in Give Ground. These two types of movement have different rules for navigating around obstacles and friendly units.


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Punic Project

Units painted in winter of 20/21, finally based and ready for the table in 2022.

Two units Victrix Iberians, one unit Gripping Beast Iberians, one unit of Foundry, Warlord and Wargames Factory Gauls.

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