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Harold’s Saxon Army

Harold’s Saxon army from my Adepticon game back in March.  Played in 2 ranks each, these figures gave me two divisions with a unit of Huscarls, two units of Coerls (and a small unit of archers not pictured here).  Most figures are Gripping Beast with the exception of the commander in purple with horn, which is from FootSore.

I need to thank my friend John, these were originally his figures which he gifted to me as part of his hobby clean out last year.  Having all these figures based and base coated saved me a huge amount of time when getting ready for Adepticon.


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Rather than the lighter shades of my Crusader/Ancients armies, I chose to go with a darker/wetter looking ground effect.  Bases are rimmed with Bittersweet Chocolate with a Raw Sienna top coat, then flocked with pasture green grass.




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Set up day at Adepticon



Main hall and Vendor hall getting setup for Adepticon.

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Looking for a blog post on horses…

A year or more ago I found a 6 or 7 part series on horses in miniature games.  The series went into a detailed examination of the historical stylings of horses, their look and genetics, and how they fit into miniature war gaming.   The the migration from Google Reader, I’ve lost my old tagged articles.  If anyone would happen to have a link to this series, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment with the location of the blog.

More specifically, I’m looking for descriptions of the horses used by the Crusaders and Arabs from 1100-1300.   Links on this topic would also be appreciated.

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Thinking of 15mm ….

Time to dip my toe into the 15mm waters.  I’ve always played in 28mm scale, but lately 15mm scale has started to grow on me.  Hail Caesar lends itself to large games & by many accounts,  15mm is a great way to accomplish that.  I worry about the lack of detail on 15mm scale figures, as I have no interest in little blobs of lead.  Fortunately, several companies have figure lines which seem to put this fear to rest.

For those of you experienced in building armies in 15mm – how should I go about basing the figures?  Hail Caesar will accommodate just about any basing, but I’d like to pick a style which would be common to other rule sets and look good on the table.  My first thought would be to use 40mm x 30mm bases with 2 ranks of 4 figures or 80mm x 30mm bases with 2 ranks of 8 figures.

Legio Heroica prices at $4.70 for 8 infantry.  Bunker Hill and Little Legions have some very nicely painted armies using these figures.

Lurkio prices at $3.2 for 4 infantry.  The figures look so well sculpted, they would make you think of 28mm.

Khurasan prices at $2.99 for 4 infantry and has the added perk of being based in the US.

Warmodeling provides a range of Ancients models priced at $4.66 for 8 infantry.

Old Glory/Blue Moon has introduced a 18mm range starting with Gauls priced at 50 cents per infantry figure.

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Looking Ahead: 2012

Generally, I think of my gaming year as stretching from Adepticon to Adepticon (April to April) – but I have a pretty good idea of this “gamer year” is going to end.  I have a bucket full of events planned for Adepticon, including a multi-player WAB Crusades game and a chance to roll out Hail Caesar in front of the Adepticon historical community.  For once, I’ve spent the past year getting ready for my events,  rather than being distracted by other peoples Adepticon projects.  My Saracen armies are nearly ready.  I’ll have roughly 4000 points of WAB units ready and a full 300 point Hail Caesar army complete.  I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of the huge army game.  Fill the table with figures and go!

Planning for the rest of 2012 is a little bit more difficult.  I would love to start a new Pyrrhic army from Aventine.  The Phalanx figures are looking nice and I can work in Etruscans from Gorgon as Italian allies. Pyrrhic is an exciting and dangerous army – the figures easily cross over into a variety of ancient periods and armies, which could lean to an uncontrolled expansion of my ancients collection.  Fire Forge Games is coming out with plastic Teutonic Knights and are promising a whole line of plastic figures for the 13th century.  This could mean I’d be building a whole new army to match my Saracens, but I hardly see that as a actual problem.

And I’m sure there is some other project waiting to get my attention in 2012.  Even if the Mayans do get us, at least I’ll most of a year to work on the lead pile.


Pirate Crews

Getting ready for Adepticon next week with three pirate crews for the Legends of the High Seas demo table. Crews are constructed from Privateer Press Sea Dogs, Games Workshop Empire Militia, and Wargames Foundry Scurvy Dogs.  Paint plan is simple with brown, black/grey & beach bone with a primary color for each crew.


Adepticon 2008 Miniature Green Revealed

Baegor the One Horned sculpted by Steve Saleh.


The annual Adepticon miniature has a number of obstacles to over come.  The mini must try and satisfy both 40K and WFB players, try and have some sort of useful roll in an army collection and avoid the wrath of GW’s legal department.  Baegor satisfies all of those criteria – an original demon character that should easily fit in with both existing demon collections and work well with the upcoming 40K/WFB demon books.  The figure appears to be a bit thin, but then the photo does not have any sizing references other than the sculpted stone base.   I’m eager to see what the production figure looks like, I hope the casting process does not flatten/stretch/thin the figure to any significant degree.

photographs copied from

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Gaming Community RSS Feed

If you have not already noticed, I’ve added a community RSS feed to the side bar.   The feed includes 30+ hobby & gaming blogs repackaged as a single list, allowing you to drop by for your daily gaming fix.   Tell me what you think – is it a cool way to keep track of everyone’s projects?  – is it a distraction from original content?  -do you want more?

Don’t see your name on the list & want to join in?  Leave a comment on this post with your blog address or email me at ChicagoTerrainFactory at  Blogs should be focused on miniature wargaming with a minimal amount of social, political or religious commentary.  There are plenty of other places to be pissed at the world, no need to have it in your hobby too.

 RSS Feed List:  updated 1-17-08


One year and counting!

A big thank you to everyone who comes by to read the Chicago Terrain Factory.  January 8th marks the one year anniversary of the Chicago Terrain Factory – having received over 28,000 page views in this first year, CTF is more successful than I ever thought it would be.  The blog started out as an easy way to publish a few scratch built projects.  It’s since grown into a casting/molding How To, a modeling show case and a collection of inspirational pieces by other hobbyists.

The Hirst Arts terrain & projects page is by far the most popular attraction – out drawing all other pages & posts 3 to 1. Stubby the Carnifex and the announcement of the new IG army page are the two most popular posts.  Over all – I think you’re telling me to build more Hirst projects & paint more figures 🙂 

I would like to say I have big plans for 2008 – but the real world will have to take precedence. My second daughter is due later this month and I’ll be concluding a MBA program in the fall – making hobby time scarce.  Chicago Terrain Factory will live on with more of a focus on web reviews & points of interest from the Internet and less space given to original work.

Thank you again for reading and have a great 2008.


Ahoy, Pirates on the Horizon

Legends of the High Seas is a new pirate game soon to be released by Warhammer Historical.   By all accounts, the game is skirmish scale played campaign style using a variant of the Lord of the Rings game system.  I was a big fan of Mordhiem when that game first came out and look forward to the same sort of gang/crew development that takes place over a series of games.  On top of the excitement over getting to be a pirate, I will be assisting the author – Tim Kulinski– run LotHS demo games at Adepticon 08.  To stay on top of all the updates visit the Yahoo High Seas group.

The first batch of pirates for the demo games are the Sea Dogs from Privateer Press.  At this point, I’m going to call the crew a work in progress.  One of the “problems” with photographing your miniatures is that every flaw and missed spot jumps out of the pic and screams for your attention.  The faces need a bit more attention and I see little bits of under coat peaking out.


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