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Fighting a Virus

For the second time in two years, Malwarebytes has saved my computer from a virus attack.  Over the last week every Google search result was redirected to other web sites.  I ran scans by 3 other anti-virus programs, while they identified a collection of viruses – none were able to get to the root cause.  The kicker this time was that the virus program blocked access to the Malwarebytes web site and even prevented the installed anti-virus program from contacting the parent company for updated files.  The final solution was to download a fresh install on a virus free computer & run the install from a thumb drive.  One fast scan & the problem files were found and deleted.  Makes me wonder how McAffe and the like stay in business when their offerings are so ineffective.


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Terrain Images

First step to any terrain project is drawing inspiration for the piece under construction.  From my RSS feeds, I’ve been collecting terrain themed posts.  Various game systems are represented, Malifaux, Mordheim, 40K, and FOW to name a few.

The conflict in Iraq provides a look into what fortifications really look like.  Easily modeled, but I wonder how well the simple lines of concrete walls would translate to the table top.  There is a reason GW covers everything in skulls – the sense of fantasy and hyper-realism goes hand in hand with gaming.

The other end of real life is Malifaux – a dimensional blasting combination of Old West, Gothic, Demon World and a few other genres.  These PDF files are a collection of game locations that really help set the mood for terrain building:

Reference for a Gremlin Moonshine still – I have a request to figure how to build one.  With a few Hirst barrels, wire and green stuff  it should come together nicely.’s/Detail

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40K Defense Wall

Adepticon has put out the call for terrain kits to meet the needs of 40K’s 5th edition.  Build an easily repeated, durable, inexpensive terrain piece which can block line of sight to a Rhino.   No small task.  If you have any ideas, be sure to leave a comment.

The most obvious terrain item to block LOS is a wall.  Direct, and to the point, but could easily look ugly or out of place on the table.  The Defense Wall is a hybrid of bunker and wall.  Four cast panels provide the majority of the detail – wall on the bottom with gun ports on top for a bunker feel.  Doors (Hirst Arts) on the ends can either be left exposed, or hidden behind a second wall piece.

The wall panels are cast in plaster.  1.5 inches of pink foam fill the center of the piece.  Foam core is used to clean up the center and finally, a bit of  “granny grate” tops off the walk space.

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