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Quick Links: Marcin

A wonderful new batch of terrain created by Marcin for Adepticon 09.  He has a great eye for detail – perfectly straight plastic card, more rivets than I care to count and no fear of departing from a box design.   The fantasy pieces pleasantly incorporate GW plastic kits and show off some putty work.  Check out the thread on Cool Mini forums for even more pics.  While there, be sure to review Marcin’s collected works.




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First Rule of Resin Casting …

The first rule of resin casting is to keep moisture away from the resin.  Any contamination & the resin will bubble and will create a flawed casting.  But what happens if water is deliberately introduced to the resin?  Will resin form huge bubbles?  Will the resin geyser like Coke with Mentos?

chem-plant-009The experiment mixed 1 part water with 2 parts resin.  The heavier resin floated to the bottom of the container & resisted mixing with the water.  Only after the excess water was drained from the container did the resin begin to set up.  I was disappointed that the resin/water mix only created a substance some thing like oatmeal.   No 10x expansion in volume.  No flowing river of bubbly resin.  Looks like I need a Plan B to make my toxic chemical soup.

The rest of the project is part of a terrain building surge for Adepticon.  The project will mix the Hirst Arts Pipe molds with Imex plastic kits and a bit of kitchen garbage including water bottles & soup cans.  The resin does serve one purpose – the fragile plastic bottle is now supported by the internal coat of resin.



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FTW: Three changes to 40K

From The Warp blogger round table asks:

You have just been put in charge of Warhammer 40k for GW.
They would like to know what you think the company should do with the start of the new year.

What are the Top 3 things you would change about Warhammer 40k?
1.  Eliminate the paper codex and move rules and modeling to the web.

Paper is much too expensive and not part of GW’s core production line. Retain a small, pamphlet sized codex to sell with figures in the brick and mortar stores, but move the full gloss hobby photos to the White Dwarf. Use the web to deliver a full 100 page fluff, rule and hobby codex. Every customer in the GW demographic will have web access. Roll out the codex section by section & pull customers into the web site continuously with new content.

2.  The 18 month game:  themed micro-games built around a 4 sprue kit with an 18 month shelf life.

The specialist games model was great in that it allowed gamers to take a break from the core GW products without leaving the company.  The periodic release of new games also allowed GW to take break from the constant churn of the same old product (more Space Marines anyone?).  The failing of the model was the great breath of models released for each game.  The big rush for each game occurred in the first two months – sculpting, casting and releasing a 6th warband/fleet/gang one year after the initial release is and was a waste of resources.

Instead, each game will have 4 themed sprues for 28mm figures.  All kits will be available in the first month of release.  Rule sets will be published in mini-rule book fashion in that months White Dwarf with the remaining background published to the web.  First release:  Insurrection – Storm Troopers vs Chaos cultists vs Gene stealer cult vs Witch Hunters.

3.  Maintain plastic superiority by releasing the highest quality, highest detailed tank and vehicle kits.

GW is no longer the only 28mm plastics manufacture.  Technology has advanced to the point where even small companies can create plastic miniature kits.  GW must push the curve and deliver high quality plastics to stay ahead of competators.  The Predator or Leman Russ are excellent canidates for next generation kits.