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Objective Marker: The Weapon

The third and final objective marker for Adepticon:  The Weapon.  The counter is a matched pair of curved blades made from two layers of plastic card with epoxy putty smoothing the transition lines.  Laying two swords on a bare base looked all too dull- the solution was to elevate the blades on a pair of rounded tubes (which also matched the design concepts of the two previous pieces).  Because the marker will be cast, the gap between the blades and the base was filled to prevent mold lock.  Fortunately, the most common view of the marker will be from over head – hiding the fill.






Objective Markers: Beacon & Generator

For the Adepticon Team Tournament, I was tasked with creating three objective (40mm) markers of alien origin.  This stipulation makes for a bit of a creative challenge – most equipment of human origin is a square with buttons or rivets.  The GW universe has a variety of alien looks – but if I “borrow” from any given race the marker is no longer alien, it will be recognized as “Eldar” or “Necron”.  After a bit of playing around, I fell into a three lobed foundation.

The Beacon uses three antenna to project a pulse or beam.  This piece may also work as some sort of disruption field.  


The Generator is a micro particle imploder – three chambers drive to a central collection hub.


The final marker remains a WIP – a weapon.   The molding process requires a flat object, eliminating any sort of upright gun or barrel.  I thought about a psychic crown – but a man sized crown could be difficult to communicate in 28mm scale and a head piece is not clearly a weapon. I’m considering three blades on a raised pedestal – but standard straight sword/knife blades don’t match the tri-lobe theme.   Maybe a set of curved, falchion like blades.  Or an exotic blade (think bat’leth) in a lobe style.  


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Ahoy, Pirates on the Horizon

Legends of the High Seas is a new pirate game soon to be released by Warhammer Historical.   By all accounts, the game is skirmish scale played campaign style using a variant of the Lord of the Rings game system.  I was a big fan of Mordhiem when that game first came out and look forward to the same sort of gang/crew development that takes place over a series of games.  On top of the excitement over getting to be a pirate, I will be assisting the author – Tim Kulinski– run LotHS demo games at Adepticon 08.  To stay on top of all the updates visit the Yahoo High Seas group.

The first batch of pirates for the demo games are the Sea Dogs from Privateer Press.  At this point, I’m going to call the crew a work in progress.  One of the “problems” with photographing your miniatures is that every flaw and missed spot jumps out of the pic and screams for your attention.  The faces need a bit more attention and I see little bits of under coat peaking out.


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Quick Links: Scratchbuilt Starships

Check out Scratchbuilt Starships at The Redoubt.  The author has posted a collection of fleet scale starships crafted from plastic card.  Excellent demonstration of how to sculpt without ever picking up epoxy.  On top of that, he’s promised a step-by-step article in the future.  Stay tuned – I’ll be sure to link in any how to that comes along.

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