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A group of Minotaurs from my beast army.

Doom Bull The standard Doombull is just too small. Torso is from the Doom Bull miniature, legs and axe from the Blood Thirster, a claw from the Slaanesh greater Demon and a green stuff loin cloth.












Great Weapons are brutally effective in the hands of Minotaurs. This unit is my favorite group to play with – making it into both my beast and my hordes armies. Nothing says loving like a frenzied charge throwing 16, strength 6 attacks.

Minotaurs 2

Two hand weapons just don’t match up with the damage of great weapon Minotaurs. Wish I had know that before buying the unit. Oh well, they still serve as a useful decoy unit that’s far to dangerous to ignore.



Adepticon 08 Painted Objective Markers

Adepticon 2008 Painted Objective Markers. Thanks to Cathy Wappel & Joe Adams for painting the Team Tournament & Championship markers. Thanks to Jamie Welling for sculpting and painting the Lord of the Rings markers.  All other sculpting, casting and production credits to yours truly here at CTF.

All markers will be available as part of AdeptiCon 2008 – April 11-13 Crown Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, IL (Just outside of Chicago).

Archeo tech
Archeo Tech: 40K Championship

Team Group
Alien Artifact Collection: 40K Team Tournament

camp fire
Camp Fire: Lord of the Rings

Ring Stone
Ring Stone: Lord of the Rings
multip beacon
multi generator
multi weapon
The Weapon

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Wyrd Chronicles Ezine released

Wyrd Miniatures has released a new 46 page Ezine called Wyrd Chronicles. The magazine contains a healthy batch of background information on the Wyrd mini sets, an interview with the company founder, tips for figure bases, sculpting walk thru, as well as tantalizing pics of some upcoming releases.  The file is a bit large & not the sort of thing I normally read online – I’ll need to “borrow” the company printer tomorrow to get a hard copy for some in-depth reading.

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The Shaggoth remains one of the best figures for the Beastman army – its a shame the rules don’t promote the model’s use.


This figure touches on both paint schemes found in my Chaos army. The torso is painted in the khaki tones found in my Beastmen forces while the serpent like legs/tail is a purple color with dark yellow highlights that is typical my demons.

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Chaos Spawn

Why bother with GW Spawn kits when you can create your own?  Can never have too many spawn when playing with Morghur.

beast spawn
Plastic wolf with beastman upper body and green stuff scales.

beast spawn 2
Plastic wolf with banner pole head and green stuff scales.
man spawn 1

man spawn 2

The beast army box has a picture of men turning into beasts. What better spawn then a pair of Empire militia men being torn in two by the forces of chaos.

Slaanesh Fiend
Archive GW Fiend.

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Adepticon 2008 Miniature Green Revealed

Baegor the One Horned sculpted by Steve Saleh.


The annual Adepticon miniature has a number of obstacles to over come.  The mini must try and satisfy both 40K and WFB players, try and have some sort of useful roll in an army collection and avoid the wrath of GW’s legal department.  Baegor satisfies all of those criteria – an original demon character that should easily fit in with both existing demon collections and work well with the upcoming 40K/WFB demon books.  The figure appears to be a bit thin, but then the photo does not have any sizing references other than the sculpted stone base.   I’m eager to see what the production figure looks like, I hope the casting process does not flatten/stretch/thin the figure to any significant degree.

photographs copied from

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Collection Favorites

A few favorite figures from my miniatures collection. 

Possessed CSMA Possessed Chaos Space Marine inspired by the art work in the 3rd ed codex.  For those of you who missed this piece – the possess is bursting from his armor with muscles twitching & claws in all directions.  The figure is a Strigoi vampire with a Long Drong pistol and plastic CSM shoulder pads/backpack.  A lot of dremmel work was required to fit the shoulder pads & a touch of green stuff built up the backpack mount as well as the leg armor.

CSM Predator

A Chaos Space Marine Predator.  This tank dates back to some time in the late nineties & is one of my first major conversions.  The Grey Knight welded to the front armor is a never ending source of amusement to me.  The rest of the conversion parts include demon prince heads, skeleton shield bosses and BFG launch bays used as engine vents.

confrontationThis Confrontation warrior (exact name escapes me) comes from a time when I was hanging out with a few Golden Demon painters and was making a real effort to improve my painting skills. 

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