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Objective Marker: Tech Dig

The Tech Dig objective marker represents buried treasure of a high tech sort.  The main element is a plastic card box, with half rounds, thin full rounds and rivets.  The digging tools are a bit of wire with green stuff wrappings as handles and plastic card heads.  Finally, the ground is Apoxie sculpt textured with a concrete block.

tech dig


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Display Board 2

The new display board was done in time for my 40K tournament.  While there I found 18×18 a bit small for a 100 figure IG force – all of the figures fit on the board, little space is left for dramatic staging.

 display finished

The painting scheme is fairly standard.  Medium brown base for the entire board, with a bit of red spray paint on the fore ground.  The bunker & tank trap sections were over coated in medium grey, then the whole board was given a brown/black wash.  When I started to dry-brush the bunker, I ran into a bit of trouble.  The wash gave the bunker a deeply brown color that the dry brush mearly sat on top of.   The solution was to apply more grey paint with a sponge – large amounts of paint could be applied quickly and deeply, then feathered & blended at the edges.  I’ll need to try this technique again (this time on purpose). 

As an added bonus, I found pics of an old display base that were hidden away on my C drive.

display HA  display HA2

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Imperial Guard army pics now up!

Only took most of a year to get my army photographed, but the Imperial Guard army gallery is finally up.  Say hello to Karl’s Crusaders.

Command Squad

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Display Board

I need a new army display base for an up coming 40K tournament that will go well with my Imperial Guard.  The original theme was to be a Aztec style ruin on a Mars like planet with lots of rune/glyph carving, but that theme gave way to a simpler bunker theme with a smooth fore ground (that could be completed in time for the event).  I considered adding craters and such to the front portion of the board but decided against rough areas as it may make it difficult to stand and carry models.

The base is 18″x18″ square, built of 1 inch pink foam on quarter inch MDF, with a 6 inch riser at the back.    Elmer’s Wood glue is used to hold the foam together & a night of compression under heavy books guarantees a warp free board.  Finally, a layer of spackle is applied to hide the joints between the various elements.

display base 1

Detail on the bunker is provided by plaster castings.  The hex like columns are a Hirst Arts piece from the Station Builder mold.  Using this small brick as a column was an idea first presented by Dan Stamford way back in 2003 – I’ve been looking for good places to use the idea ever since.  The firing slits are cast from a craft foam mold.  The original instructions for this process call for spray adhesive, substituting white Elmer’s glue can (and did) result in glue bubbles poking into the casting area.  These molds are good for a one shot deal like this being fast and cheap to create- but rapidly decline in quality as the foam/glue are bent out of shape by the demold.

display board 2

The rest of the bunker area is floor tile and a few Imperial Eagles from the IG tank sprue.  The dragons teeth are castings from my tank obstacle, broken apart from the strip & placed in a triangle formation.

Texture is supplied by a combination of Foam Coat and sand, using the same methods from the Blast Wall project.  The bunker area is covered with a mix of 2 parts plaster and 1 part fine play sand.  The fore ground is coated with a mix of 1 part plaster and 1 part rough sand with a bit of Elmer’s added for strength.

display board 3

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Demon Engines

Those of you who have been following Chicago Terrain Factory will remember I kicked off this blog back in January 07 with a bit of musing about Demon Engines.  A few designer drawings surfaced at UK Games Day (originally posted to Bolter and Chainsword) of a demon race car, a floating Kosh sort of creature and a super bloated dreadnaught.  About a year ago, a similar set of drawings were posted to WarSeer.  If anyone has a link to that thread or saved the pics, please comment here or send me an email at ChicagoTerrainFactory @

demonengine1  demonengine 2  demonengine 3