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High Seas Roster pdf

A new crew roster sheet for Legends of the High Seas is available from Warhammer Historicals.


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100K Hits!

Good News!  100,000 Hits – thanks for coming by everyone.  WP tends to over count hits, but Site Meter tells me about 150 daily visitors grace the pages of CTF.  This blog is now 1.75 years old with 111 posts.  To help find your way around, I’ve created an Post Archive page with a complete list of posts.  Coincidentally, WP has released a new theme today – let me know what you think of the new format.  You’ll need to click through to some of the larger pictures, but I like the clean layout and the easy access to the static pages.

Now for the bad news.  I’m in the last class of my MBA program & I’ll have very little time to work on the hobby projects that are the content of this blog.  I hope I can get a few hours to photograph the rest of my painted armies – I still have the bulk of a fantasy chaos army plus a 40K Chaos Space marine army and an Eldar army.

Once class wrapps, you can look forward to a steady stream of projects in time for Adepticon 09.

  • Ruined jungle Pirate castle
  • Pipe terrain for 40K/Necromunda
  • Rest of my Arab WAB army
  • Tokens and markers for tournament play