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Looking Ahead: 2012

Generally, I think of my gaming year as stretching from Adepticon to Adepticon (April to April) – but I have a pretty good idea of this “gamer year” is going to end.  I have a bucket full of events planned for Adepticon, including a multi-player WAB Crusades game and a chance to roll out Hail Caesar in front of the Adepticon historical community.  For once, I’ve spent the past year getting ready for my events,  rather than being distracted by other peoples Adepticon projects.  My Saracen armies are nearly ready.  I’ll have roughly 4000 points of WAB units ready and a full 300 point Hail Caesar army complete.  I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of the huge army game.  Fill the table with figures and go!

Planning for the rest of 2012 is a little bit more difficult.  I would love to start a new Pyrrhic army from Aventine.  The Phalanx figures are looking nice and I can work in Etruscans from Gorgon as Italian allies. Pyrrhic is an exciting and dangerous army – the figures easily cross over into a variety of ancient periods and armies, which could lean to an uncontrolled expansion of my ancients collection.  Fire Forge Games is coming out with plastic Teutonic Knights and are promising a whole line of plastic figures for the 13th century.  This could mean I’d be building a whole new army to match my Saracens, but I hardly see that as a actual problem.

And I’m sure there is some other project waiting to get my attention in 2012.  Even if the Mayans do get us, at least I’ll most of a year to work on the lead pile.



Historical Figure Affordability

BOLS recently published an editorial placing the average cost for a 1850 pt 40K army between $600 and $750 before taxes or discounts.  Ancients gaming can do one better than that!

For comparison, I will use a 2 division army from Hail Caesar which is roughly similar to a 2000 point WAB army.  This army will have 2 units of cavalry, 4 units of infantry and 2 units of skirmishers which totals 20 cavalry figures and roughly 125 infantry figures.

Most metal historical figures will need to be equipped with a wooden base (11 cents from Litko) and a wire spear (20 cents from Northstar).    Most plastic figures come with Renedra bases and do not require weapon replacements.   Army values include base and spear (for metal figures) but do not include shipping, currency conversion or unit/army discounts .

  • Gripping Beast metal:  $2.20 per infantry and $4.80 per cavalry.   Army = $415.95
  • Gripping Beast & Conquest plastic:  $.73 per infantry and $2.33 per cavalry.  Army = $137.85
  • Perry Miniatures:  $1.83 per infantry and $3.25 per cavalry.  Army = $338.70
  • Aventine:  $1.75 per infantry and $4.67 per cavalry.  Army = $357.10
  • Musketeer:  $2.34 per infantry and $4.67 per cavalry.  Army = $430.85

I could keep going, but the trend is apparent.  Metal figure armies run between $350 and $450 dollars.  Plastic figure armies price in at less than $150!

Prices sourced from:  Architects of War, Aventine, and Musketeer Miniatures


Battle Scribe: Hail Caesar

Battle Scribe is a freely distributed army roster creator application.  Users are able to create army files which in turn are used to create rosters.  With a few hours work, I was able to create a basic file for my Hail Caesar Crusader era Arab army.  The roster file follows the basic points structure detailed by Rick P. on the Yahoo list with conformation from the published Han list.   At this point, no unit percentages or unit min/max is enforced – for the moment, I’m more interested in a free form builder.  The file output is HTML based and needs a bit of massaging to display in the division format used by Hail Caesar.

If you are interested in the files, leave a comment or email me at ChicagoTerrainFactory @

Sample output: Arab Army List