Learing to Take Better Pics 2

Three steps to getting clear mini shots on a Canon A95 Power Shot. The set up is the same as the last go-around: plane white sheet, 2 75 watt bulbs, tripod. Once again, I fight the battle with the Camera User Guide.

  1. White Balance: Func, point at white sheet, Set, Func. I knew this was an important one to master when 2 of 3 commenters chimed about the white balance.
  2. Light Metering Mode: Func, Spot. When trying to focus on a small point like a miniature, I always had trouble getting to camera to zoom in with clarity. I was hoping that “spot” would help focus on a single point. After checking the camera, the Spot function reads the light level at the spot point.
  3. Macro: Should be a rather obvious choice for miniature photography, but I could never get the camera to focus correctly. Combined with the light metering, everything finally locked in sharply.

The following pics have been cropped and re-sized, but other wise untouched.  Over all, I’m rather satisfied with the results.  Still need a bit of tweeking with the light sources to cut down on shadows under the feet, a gradiated blue back drop would be handy and some sort of light box is still worth looking into. 

White_Scar  INQ_1

Rune Bases

  1. #1 by Scott on July 26, 2007 - 10:44 am

    After building my first light box out of foam core, I realized how useful it is. I’ve also have surprisingly good luck using my flourecent desk lamp for lighting.

    Even when I’m just snapping some quick pics and don’t set up the light box, I usually hold a piece of white paper slighly off-camera to get the light to bounce upward.

    Looking good, Rich.

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