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BFG Satellite

Satellite token for the BFG game at Adepticon.  It’s a collaborative effort – Rob (BFG judge) constructed the bottom half & I added the upper structures.  These will be cast in resin and given away to the players during one of the tournament games.  I believe Rob plans to mount them on flying bases to add to the space ship image.


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Water Color on Plaster

I’ve long wondered how plaster bricks would take to water colors.  The basic white block seemed to be a perfect object to take color.

With the help of my oldest daughter, I was able to give water color a trial run.

The water colors provided good coverage (especially under an adult hand) and would be fun to see how multiple layers would stack & blend.  All told, could be a good method to employ if I ever manged to get way from the moody Gothic terrain I seem to build all the time.  Anyone know of a set of water colors not intended for Kindergartners?


Quick Links: Cast Buildings

Shrine of the Aquilla

From Epic Battles –  English Translation – a German language Epic Armageddon forum.

photos used without permission

The post is in German, but the Google translation does a good job of translating the construction of a massive Epic scale building.  The cast parts pictured above are 3-4 inches high and could easily be used with 28mm figures.  It appears the tiles were created using a 3D printer, then cast in resin.

Hirst Industrial Building

From Hirst Arts forums.

photo used without permission

An ingenious combination of the small brick, industrial pipe and the machinery builder molds.  The build is clean but  well detailed – I’m sure it would fit well with a variety of near modern to steam punk settings.

Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum

Tom’s forum is anything but boring.  Go check out the Terrain building and Scenery Gallery for a number of well done Mordheim tables.

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Crates and Barrels

The Hirst Arts Cavern Accessory Mold #85 is an invaluable mold.  Crates, barrels, sacks and vessels are appropriate for just about any sort of table top game – fantasy, historical or Sci Fi.  These crate and barrel stands are going to be used at Adepticon on the Legends of the Old West and Malifaux tables.


Infestation Malifaux Table

WIP Malifaux table for Adepticon

The Infestation table represents something eating its way through a city block.  Two buildings are reduced to rubble, a third building is half gone and the pumping station seems to have held out without damage.  Two ponds, two feeding pools and a pair of eggs round out the table.

For those of you who have been reading CTF for a while should recognize most of this terrain from various unfinished projects.

If you play Malifaux, please leave feedback on how this table would play.  I don’t play the game (yet?), and have given it a good guess to what would make for a interesting and varied table.


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