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Magnetic Movement Tray

Magnetizing figure trays is an idea which has been around for a long time.  My Arab army is all metal – I need a system which is sturdy and inexpensive.   Any magnet system must have a strong hold to grip these figures both on the field and in the transport case.

Figure Magnets:  MSC Direct offers adhesive backed magnetic strips in a variety of widths.  Use 1 inch width for cavalry and .75 inch width for 20mm infantry.  A 10 foot roll will provide 160 infantry bases and 60 cavalry bases.  For about $20, an entire army can be magnetized.

Steel Tray:  Home Depot sells sheet sheet in 12×12 sizes for about $5.  You’ll need a pair of tin snips and a pair of gloves to cut the steel.  Take care – the steel will be sharp.  Glue the steel to a standard GW movement tray with 5 minute epoxy.  Several hobby retailers sell rubberized sheets for movement trays – unfortunatly, these do not provide a firm base for heavier metal figures.

Sheet steel with GW tray

How far...

Can you go...

One more option for trays:  Shogun makes sheet movement trays.  The Flanged trays are no thicker the the stock sheet from Home Depot but are super sturdy.  Being all steel, the magnets stick strongly.  Best of all, the trays are very cost effective.  I look forward to trying out the trays during my next game.

Shogun tray





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