FireForge Foot Sergants

A full box of FireForge infantry assembled as 1 unit (24) of Hospitaller Spearmen and 1 unit (24) of Crossbowmen. A variety of colors were used in the painting of these units, I wanted to avoid any strict pattern to support the dirty and mercenary background of these troops.

Fire Forge Spearmen

Fire Forge Crossbowmen

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Arab Heavy Cavalry 2

Mostly Old Glory with a few Perry to round out the unit to 12.


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3D Printing

3D printing has found it’s way to my local library.   I found these three objects online at Thingiverse – the barrels are for a 40K terrain project.  The unicorn and cat are for my daughters.  The detail on each is pretty good with the most obvious print lines on the horizontal barrels.  The unicorn was delivered with a bit of flash – the plastic is stiff (just short of being brittle) but cleans up with knife and clippers.   Printing cost is minimal, running 10 cents per gram or about $1.50 per item.  Tinkercad is an online 3D object creator, although I may be hard pressed to come up with anything more than a simple set of geometric shapes.   Even with basic skill, 3D printing will have its uses for creating game tokens and terrain masters for resin casting.

Barrels Barrels 2 3D animals


Arab Heavy Cavalry

Arab Heavy Cavalry.  Figures are mostly Musketeer with a few MDS, and one Artizan Moor, with a Perry Brothers figure as a division leader.

Paint plan follows my standard Berber pattern.
Arab Cav 1 Arab Cav 2

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Perry Hospitaller Unit

A full unit of Perry Brothers Hospitallers.

Hospitaller 2 Hospitaller 1

The command figures and paint plan were previously posted here.

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Norman Spearmen & Bowmen

Norman Spearmen 2 Norman Spearman 1 Norman Bowmen

Figures by BTD, Crusader and Gripping Beast.

Paint plan for the bowmen include:

Plague Brown (Vallejo) with Yellowed Bone (Reaper) highlight

Highland Moss (R) with Khaki (V) highlights

Prussian Blue (V) with French Mir. Blue (V) highlights



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A variation on my standard Berber paint theme, turned a bit darker for fire wielding troops.

Musketeer Nafitum 1

Musketeer Nafitum 2


Figures by Musketeer Miniatures

Cloaks and scarves:
Cold Grey (V)
Redstone Highlight (Reaper)

Naffatun pots:
Grass Green (R)
Golden Olive (V)

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Crusader Command

King Richard with bodyguard.
Figures by Wargames Illustrated and Black Tree Design
Crusader Command

Mounted Command
Figures by Crusader and Gripping Beast
Mounted Cursader Command

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Perry Hospitallers

Hospitaller Command 2 Hospitaller Command 1

Perry Miniatures Hospitaller command units.  Rather than a true black color for the robes, a light brown was added over the black primer to create a sun bleached look.

Paint Plan

Black Primer

Robes:  Dusty Skin (Reaper) with 50% black shade

Horses:  Rife Butt (Howard Hues) + Tanned Flesh (GW)

By varying the amount of Rife Butt and Tanned Flesh, a variety of horse colors can be produced.   The base color produces a Chestnut shade which varies from a dark brown up to a warm brown/red. Adding Graveyard Bone (Reaper), creates a chalky brown/grey which could be roan or grey.


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Little Wars: Battle of Arsuf

For the first time in many years, I was able to attend Little Wars, a local historical gaming convention.  Mike, John and I hosted the Battle of Arsuf using Hail Caesar rules.  The two sessions were well attended with all 8 divisions having players for both games.  In fact, I had several people trying to get in because tickets were unavailable.

The Battle of Arsuf features a classic battle between two icons of the Crusades:  Richard the Lionheart of England and Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb  aka Saladin of Syria & Egypt.  The game opens with the rearguard division some distance from the other three divisions.  The army of Saladin is tasked with breaking this division.  An additional battle object is to charge Richard’s standard.  Richard’s army has the goals of destroying Saladin’s bodyguard unit, and breaking 2 of 3 cavalry/infantry divisions.

Both games heavily favored the Crusader forces, with games ending 2-0 and  2-1.  As happened that day out side of Arsuf, the Crusader knights were unstop-able.  The lances of the knights quickly broke any unit before it.  The Hospitaller knights were devastating, frequently taking on 2-3 units and emerging victorious.

Little Wars Table

Army List

Crusader Army:
Van: Templars
Holy Order Knights
Heavy Infantry
Heavy Crossbow – small
Mounted Sgts with Spear

1st Division (Norman/French)
Crusader Knights
Heavy Infantry
Heavy Crossbow – small
Medium Infantry with bow

2nd Division (Outreamer)
Crusader Knights
Heavy Infantry
Heavy Crossbow – small
Archers – small

Rearguard: Hospitallers
Hospitaller Knights
Heavy Infantry
Heavy Crossbow
Turcopole Horsemen

Saladin’s Army
1st Division
Mamluks with spear & bow
Berber Heavy Cav
Turcoman Light Archers
Turcoman Light Archers

2nd Division
Dismounted Mamluk
Medium Archers
City Milita with Spear
Dismounted Mamluk

3rd Division
Mamluks Bodyguard
Mamluks with spear & bow
Syran Heavy Cav
Turcoman Light Archers

Ghazi warband Fanatics
Medium Archers
City Militia with Spear
Light Archers
Light Archers


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