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D & D Game Board

Over the past few months, I’ve manged to get myself in to a D&D campaign.  4th edition is very nearly a different game from the old AD&D I used to play back in college (bonus points to anyone who remembers how long ago that was).  The new game uses a strict grid for combat resolution – a situation I find 10 years of miniature gaming very suited for.  With a few nights work, I set up a battle board using Hirst Arts bricks.  All of the objects are movable, allowing for any number of conflicts to be fought over the 4 6×6 dungeon tiles.

Paint plan

  • Medium Grey house paint for base
  • Highlights with Light Gray (Folk Art) & Country Tan (Apple Barrel)
  • Tile details: Rifle Butt (Howard Hues)
  • Select details: Stone (Secret Weapon)

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