Perry Brothers Crossbows

Perry Crossbow

12 Crossbowmen from the Perry Brothers 1st Crusade line.



Armenian Knights

Perry Armenian 2 Perry Armenian

Models by Perry, with 3 Gripping Beast filling out the back rank.

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Outreamer Infantry by Black Tree Design

BTD Spearmen BTD Spearmen 2
BTD Archers
Infantry by Black Tree Design.  Spearmen from the 2nd Crusade collection, Archers from the 2nd Crusade and Norman lines.

I used these figures to test a variety of paint & wash combinations.  After initial testing, Leather Brown & Redstone with Dark Sepia, and Dheneb Stone with Stone were chosen for further use.    After the units were complete, I started to find the all over washes were giving the entire unit a uniform dark look.  Going forward, I will need to find a way to brighten up the paint plan.

Armour colors:

  • Dirt (Vallejo)
  • Leather Brown (Vallejo)
  • Redstone Highlight (Reaper MSP)
  • Dheneb Stone (GW)
  • Desert Yellow (GW)


  • Dark Sepia (Secret Weapon)
  • Stone (SW)
  • Brown Ink (P3)

Results:  Brown Ink over Redstone, Leather Brown and Dirt are much too dark.  The base color is lost under the heavy ink.  Stone over Dheneb, Desert Yellow, Leather Brown are OK.  The greenish Stone adds good color to the light Dheneb, the other colors are lightly tinted by the Stone color.  Dark Sepia over Desert Yellow and Leather Brown, as expected the Sepia adds dark character to the base coats.


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Hobby wallet share for 2013.

A fun idea borrowed from The Emperors Blog. Who earned your hobby dollars in 2013?

Hobby Spend

The chart represents about $950 in spending for 2013.  Most of these purchases are actually second hand, coming either from Ebay or TMP.

Reaper takes the lead with the Bones II Kickstarter and a rather large paint purchase.

Gripping Beast, Foundry, FireForge, Perry, BTD, Musketeer and Old Glory all contributed components for my Crusader project.

Wire spears from Northstar are indispensable, but often hard to find in the US.  I pick up several hundred to insure myself a life time supply.

Shogun & GF9 for trays and bases.

Other Retail and Secret Weapon (love the Dark Sepia wash) were mostly paints & brushes from local art/craft stores.


Looking for a blog post on horses…

A year or more ago I found a 6 or 7 part series on horses in miniature games.  The series went into a detailed examination of the historical stylings of horses, their look and genetics, and how they fit into miniature war gaming.   The the migration from Google Reader, I’ve lost my old tagged articles.  If anyone would happen to have a link to this series, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment with the location of the blog.

More specifically, I’m looking for descriptions of the horses used by the Crusaders and Arabs from 1100-1300.   Links on this topic would also be appreciated.

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Deus Vult Battle Report

Deus Vult is the Crusader era game from Fire Forge, designed to take the excellent Fire Forge figures to the table top.   Written by Alessio Cavatore,  the game plays as a cross between Kings of War & Hail Caesar with a healthy dose of moral/leadership checks mixed in.  Armies are organized in to divisions, each lead by a Battle Leader.  Game play alternates as each player is allowed to activate and command one division.  Turns run long, but the steady back and forth keeps both players involved.

The book comes with two full army lists for the 1st Crusade (Crusaders and Arabs) with example lists for European states, Crusader orders, Seljuk Turks and Russians.   The Army rosters have many options and units are well detailed, giving list creation a WAB/WFB level of number crunchiness.   I hope Fire Forge comes out with additional lists, this system is begging for more options.

Set up.  The Crusaders emerge from a line of woods.

Set up. The Crusaders emerge from a line of woods.

turn 1 right flank_1

Crusader skirmishers take the hill.

Skirmishers face the Crusader lines.

Arab skirmishers face the Crusader lines.

Crusaders ready to over run Arab battle lines.

Crusaders ready to over run Arab battle lines.

King of the hill.

King of the hill.

All flanks exposed.

All flanks exposed.


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Hail Caesar Battle Review

At the local club, we are big fans of Hail Caesar but not necessarily big fans of getting fully painted armies on the gaming table.  This makes for an exciting night when our two best, biggest and completely painted armies can match up for a game.  Chris brings his Successors army to the table in four divisions:  2 heavy pike units holding the center with cavalry on one flank and light infantry securing the other end of the line.  My Saladin era Arabs matched Chris with a rather similar layout:  2 heavy infantry divisions in the center with heavy cavalry on one flank and a mixed cavalry/infantry division on the other.  Gaming table is provided by John from Plastic Legions.

Hail Caesar Battle 1

420 points of troops deployed to the table.

Hail Caesar Battle 4 Hail Caesar Battle 3

Massed ranks of pike and cavalry.

Hail Caesar Battle 36

Light troops clash on the flank.

Hail Caesar Battle 5 Hail Caesar Battle 39 Hail Caesar Battle 6

Final clash in the center.

The game was oddly symmetrical with the flank divisions clashing, one division in the center refusing to engage and a final show down of heavies to decide the contest.

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Dismounted Knights

A unit of 20 Dismounted Knights from Black Tree Design, 3rd Crusade.  The army deal provides a nice mix of sculpts with few repeats.  Flash was minimal & sculpting detail is adequate.

Knights 1Knights 2

Paint Plan

Prime White with Rifle Butt (Howard Hues) undercoat

  • Cloth: Codex Grey (GW) with Sky Grey (Vallejo) highlights
  • Shields:  Basic Red (73007 Vallejo)
  • Shading:  Dark Sepia (Secret Weapon)

Where have I been?  For those of you reading CTF, it’s been more than a year since my last post.  In the past 12 months, I’ve moved to a new home, sold a house & my youngest daughter has grown up into a toddler.  While there has been time for gaming, there has been very little time for painting.  In fact, I was rather surprised to find my basing sand & flock still packed away in boxes from the move after more than a year.

What’s next?  My Arab Crusader force needs an opponent.  The painting table is full, as I’ve been busy purchasing Normans/Crusaders for a sizable 1st and/or 3rd Crusades force.    While I have hundreds of figures at the ready, I think I’ll paint small groups which could also double as a Saga army (in the off chance I get to play with that rule set).

Reaper Bones.  Like 17,000 other gamers, I bought in to Reaper’s Bones KickStarter.  The local club has taken to Song of Blades and Heroes as a light weight skirmish game for all the new figures and monsters.  Expect to see a handful pop up on the blog  between units of Normans.

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D & D Game Board

Over the past few months, I’ve manged to get myself in to a D&D campaign.  4th edition is very nearly a different game from the old AD&D I used to play back in college (bonus points to anyone who remembers how long ago that was).  The new game uses a strict grid for combat resolution – a situation I find 10 years of miniature gaming very suited for.  With a few nights work, I set up a battle board using Hirst Arts bricks.  All of the objects are movable, allowing for any number of conflicts to be fought over the 4 6×6 dungeon tiles.

Paint plan

  • Medium Grey house paint for base
  • Highlights with Light Gray (Folk Art) & Country Tan (Apple Barrel)
  • Tile details: Rifle Butt (Howard Hues)
  • Select details: Stone (Secret Weapon)

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Arab Horsemen

A handful of figures by Musketeer Miniatures.

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