Hail Caesar: Berber Division

The 2nd of three divisions, the Berber Division represernts Egyptian/North African troops recruited to fill out the ranks of the footmen.

Unit Clash Sust’ Short Long Save+ Stamina Special
Black Guard 7 7 3 0 4 6 Tough Fighters
Berbers with bow 6 5 3 2 5 6
Berbers with bow 6 5 3 2 5 6
Archers small 3 3 2 2 4

Roughly based on the WAB book El Cid, the Berber division is packed with long range goodness.  The Black Guard is an Emir’s bodyguard, tough as nails – they are the one reliable unit in the division.  Berber units 1 and 2 are mixed spear and bow.  Excelling at neither ranged nor melee – the two do manage to hold the line (most of the time).  The Berber Archers are a small unit dedicated to archery.

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