Hail Caesar: Damascus Division

Hail Caesar builds armies in sections called divisions with a full army being made up of 3 or more divisions.  The Damascus Division represents local Syrian city troops called to battle against the invading Crusaders.

Unit Clash Sust’ Short Long Save+ Stamina Special
Dismounted Ghulams 7 7 3 2 4 6
City Guard 6 6 3 0 5 6
Volunteers 8 6 2 0 5 6 Wild Fighters 2 attacks, Militia
Archers – Medium 5 5 3 3 5 6

Roughly following the WAB book: Beyond the Golden Gate, the units form the hard anvil of the army.  Dismounted Ghulams are professional soldiers equally willing to fight with bow or sword.  City Guard and Archers are civilian soldiers called to arms.  Volunteers are religious fanatics called to repulse the heathen Franks – ferocious on the attack but difficult to control.

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