MDS – Design Challenge

Miniature Design Studios is hosting their second Design Challenge.   Send MDS an email at with your idea of what miniatures they should create.  Sounds  like they are looking for both figure ideas and a bit of motivation.  One entry will be picked at random – then MDS has 21 days to produce the figures and get them into their web cart -or- give you a £25.00 credit.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

The scale will be 28mm
The troop type must be rank and file infantry
The subject must be either Biblical, Ancient or Dark Age (we don’t sell WW2!)
The figure will be designed in three variant poses (To be agreed)
Only one entry per person (I will check!)
All entries must reach MDS via email by 12.00pm, Friday 9th October 2009

My entry to them is for Hannibal’s Veterans.

The Veterans of Hannibal’s 2nd Punic war should be a rag-tag band of killers who spent a decade marching up and down Italy.  Isolated and cut off from the home land, the army was forced to “resupply” in the field.  Other companies produce Veterans who are cookie cutter copies of each other.  Instead – I want to see 1 African, 1 Celt and 1 Iberian in looted Roman mail each with a unique helmet and shield.  Figures are armed with long spears and swords at the belt.  Spears are held upright & figures should rank cleanly on a 20×20 base.

Extra credit – make the heads on a separate sprue for additional figure variations.

I base this vision of the Veteran units on a paragraph from The Fall of Carthage by Adrian Goldsworthy which describes Hannibal’s warriors as a diverse and ill-provisioned group.  Any other credible sources out there?

  1. #1 by chicagoterrainfactory on October 12, 2009 - 8:43 am

    Sad to say, my idea did not get picked.

    And the winner is….

    Matt Beauchamp from the USA

    He’s asked for three open handed New Kingdom Egyptians in advancing pose with an assorted weapon sprue.

    The challenge will start on Monday 12th October at 12.00pm so by my reckoning that means I’ve got until Sunday 1st November to finish, or Matt gets his £25.00 credit!

  1.   Miniature Design Challenge by Purple Pawn

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