Hirst Ruined Fieldstone WIP

Picked up the new Ruined Fieldstone mold from Hirst Arts  at Gen Con.  After a week of casting, I finally have enough bricks to start building.  The most interesting parts on this mold are the 2.5 inch arch and the pillar pieces.  The arches use a new 3D connection point – makes the arch much easier to glue & keeps the bricks at the proper angle.  The ruined stones are interesting, but I’ve been able to ruin fieldstone with a bit of work.  Cleverly, the ruin pieces stack on each other to create intact bricks.  The only downside to the mold is the number of casts needed to complete a project – each size of brick has only one socket on the mold.

fieldstone1  fieldstone2  fieldstone3  fieldstone 4

After building a “ruined” set of arches, it dawned on me that the structure is not all that ruined.  What’s missing is any sort of ruin along the height of the walls.  The fourth pic is an attempt to build the ruins vertically.  Aside from a bit of sanding, the bricks also work well as worn or damaged spaces in a wall.

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