Site Review: Shifting Lands

Shifting Lands is the home of Geboom and his marvelous resin cast boats, buildings and docks. The linked page takes you to a tutorial on how he builds his manor house kits but be sure to roam about the whole site.

The tutorial boils down to four steps:

  • build a rough structure with exact over all measurements
  • construct a mold & cast the rough in plaster
  • carve incredible detail into the plaster
  • construct a new mold & cast the detailed pieces in resin

Aside from the “insert artistic ability here” step, the process is a good guild to scratch building large objects using plaster as a base. One modification to this process that may save a bit of RTV would be to use the craft foam method developed by Dlmos. The craft foam process uses layers of 2mm foam to create a rough mold for plaster casting. No great amount of detail is going to be applied by the foam mold, but that’s OK – the goal is to create a basic (but accurate) shape to carve on.

In a way, you could call Geboom a graduate of the Hirst school of plaster. His earlier works with the Hirst blocks show a great deal of creativity but it appears that he has grown beyond the Hirst bricks and moved on to 100% self created projects. I see more and more of this sort of thing happening on the Hirst message boards – long time builders having been exposed to casting & mold making skills are now busy on their own projects.

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