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Carthage Army WIP

Plastic figures are a wonder to work with, but they sure take a lot of time to assemble.  After a lot of work, my 1000 point Hannibal in Italy WAB army is assembled.  All figures are  Wargames Factory kits.

1000K WAB Punic army WIP

1000K WAB Punic army WIP

Army List:

  • Gallic Cavalry
  • Spanish Heavy Cavalry
  • Trained Africans *
  • Gallic Infantry
  • Gallic Infantry
  • Skirmishers
  • Army Commander (not pictured)

*The Numidian spearmen kit will stand in for Trained Africans until I can purchase mailed spearmen.  Once replaced, the figures will be used as Spanish Infantry.  Yes, yes the figures have round shields.  More on the shields later.


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