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Adepticon – High Seas, Old West and Warmachine

One of the great things about Adepticon is how its a venue for all sorts of games that are not 40K.

High Seas had its own tournament this year.  My friend John created 5 custom tables each with its own mission.  Makes for a bit more work but the results are fabulous.

Old West returned for a 2nd year, this time under new management.  I was very impressed by both the event and the terrain created by Irv.  Card and printed paper make up the majority of this terrain project.  These techniques are so very different from the plaster and paint styles I normally work with – great to see such alternatives put to good use.

Privateer Press came to Adepticon and made a huge impact.  Corporate support is not quite Gen Con level, but its getting close.  Every swag bag at Adepticon contained a $50 box set for Warmachine.  The company shipped in 4 top end terrain tables for the event hall.  Staff and volunteers were everywhere.  They were even running micro demo tables at the front doors to the 40K hall.  GW are you paying attention?


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