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Carthage Army – ready to play

The first 1000 points of my Punic Wars army is painted and ready to play. Basing is a simple coat of paint, with sand & grass coming at some future time.  Paint plan is  super simple – block colors as a base, a wood stain dip followed by touch ups in the same base color.  The army list is still a work in progress & has under taken a few changes from my first posts.  The Gallic light cavalry are gone, done in twice by Macedonian spears in as many games by the warband rule.  In their place are more skirmishers and a third Gallic warband.

Punic Army

Punic group left

Punic group center

Punic group right



Carthage Army List & Figures

Carthaginian Army list: 2nd Punic war, Italy

Subordinate General with light armor and shield 88pts
Trained African #24 full command, 255 pts
Gallic Infantry #24 full command, 159 pts
Gallic Infantry #24 full command, 159 pts
Skirmishers #10, Musician, 45 pts
Gallic Cav #6 full command, 129 pts
Spanish Hv Cav #6 with light armor,  full command, 165 pts
1000 pts

The army list is roughly based on Hannibal’s army, 2-4 years into the Italian campaign.  Gallic Infantry makes up the majority of the infantry units, with Spanish and African units completing the formed units.  Cavalry is a mix of Gauls, Spanish and Numidians.  Units missing in the 1000 point list will be added at the 2000 level.

For this first phase, all figures are from Wargames Factory.  My first order included not only the Celtic horse and Numidian I ordered, but bonus sprues of Roman Cav, Zulus and Ancient Germans!  Multi-part plastic might be a bit more work to assemble, but they open the door for easy conversion.  I like the Roman mail bodies with Numidian heads and shields as Spanish Cav.  The standard Numidian spearman is servicable, but I’m concerned that the spear is too short.  The Zulu with a Numidian head was an attempt at an additional skirmisher – but the smaller head looks funny on the well muscled body.

I’m interested in feed back from people on the following configurations.

  • Trained Africans = Numidians with spear and shield
  • Gallic Infantry = Celts
  • Skirmishers = Numidians with javelins
  • Gallic cav = Celtic cav
  • Spanish Hv Cav = Roman cav armored bodies with Numidian armored heads and shields

Army Elements_800

Zulu with Numidian head, Ancient German x2, Celt, Numidian Spearman, Numidian Skirmisher

Spanish Cav Ancient Germans Spearman

Skirmisher African