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Citadel Washes

When a dozen gamers get together and all think a new product rocks (and hell has not frozen over) – its time to pay attention.  The new Citadel Washes received high praise over at Dakka – surprised by the response, I bought a box to try out the washes myself.

One of the problems with my painting style is a lack of shade – and washes are a perfect way of restoring the shade/mid range/highlight balance on a finished figure.  Below are washed (left) and unwashed (right) pictures of the same Pirate model.  I was able to try out most of the washes provided in the box set:  shirt- Devlan Mud, pants – Badab black, vest- Baal Red, skin – Ogryn Flesh, sword – Asurmen blue.  I’m most impressed with Mud on the tan shirt.  Ogryn Flesh is a lot like the old Flesh Wash.  Baal Red did not do much on the vest – I really should give it another try using the Leviathan Purple instead.  Asurmen blue on the sword is a bit much for a “historical” pirate – but I supect that a mix of black and blue has a lot of potential as an armor wash.

Pirate with wash Sea Dog Pirate