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Learing to Take Better Pics 3

For some time now I’ve been working to improve my miniature picture taking skills.   The best I can understand it, there is some strong voodoo involved in getting a clean shot of a miniature under artificial light using a Canon Power Shot A95.   After much toil, I may finally have the settings I need to take crystal clear pics.   Several references recommend using the AV setting with the aperture set to 9 (my Cannon seems to stop at 8 ) for max clarity of small objects.  With this setting, I find Evaluate: Spot is critical to get the proper lighting on the figures.  The default Evaluate creates a much to dark picture.   The big winner is Drive Mode 2 – what is this cryptic setting?  Timer 2 second delay.  The timer is magic – even with a tripod, the act of taking the picture disrupts the camera.

Pirate natural

pirate with processing pirate processed

examples with different degrees of post processing.

One other function I played around with is the Exposure setting.  Pushing this setting from zero to +1 displayed a washed out, over exposed pic on the camera LCD screen.  However,  once the pic is loaded to the PC, the setting returns a well lite picture.  This function may have some use as a workaround for a poor lighting or to tweak a shot that is proving difficult to light.

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Update:  converation with John over at Plastic Legions about the picture taking learning curve.


Learning to take better pics 1

Learning to take better pics 2