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Magister Militum vs. Gripping Beast Arab Miniatures

Reinforcements have arrived!  For the second phase of my Arab army I selected Magister Militum miniatures.  Customer service was excellent – each of my emails was promptly answered.  The order took four days to process and about a week to ship from the UK to the US.  All of the figures are well cast with minor flash and mold lines.  Sculpting quality is average to above average, although there does seem to be a bit of flattening from the spin casting process.

I believe this line of miniatures used to be called Navigator – I don’t know if Magister purchased the product line, or simply re-sell the product.  In any case – the Magister web site is still a work in progress.  In the two weeks since I order, prices and packaging methods have changed.  Even with the changes – the unit deal (24 figures) still seems the best way to buy in.

The Magister Arabs fit well with my existing Gripping Beast (cast by Old Glory 15).  Foot solders match well for height – eye ball to eye ball the figures are the same size.  The Magister minis are a bit bigger about the chest and perhaps a bit longer in the arm.  I’ll have to mix a few into a unit, but I suspect the size differences will naturally blend as normal human variations.

Magister on the left.  Gripping Beast on the right.

The Syrian Heavy cavalry are a more mixed lot.  The riders are very upright (side effect of a one piece figure) and sit taller in the saddle than the crouching bowman.  Trying to get the riders to fit their mounts will take a bit of pliers work – the legs are either too narrow or too wide.

Magister horses are a bit thin, short in length but stand taller than the Gripping Beast horse.

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