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Adepticon Malifaux terrain

One of my major projects for Adepticon was creating terrain for the new Malifaux tournaments. Its a fun game to create terrain for – a wide variety of archetypes are in play.

Hollow Halls is made up mostly from Manor House terrain kits. These kits are rather a chore to work with, detail is worn down from over casting the molds, pieces are large & heavy and instructions are non-existent. No wonder they were going cheap on Ebay.
Infestation is made from Hirst kits, building molds I made for Adepticon a few years back and a bit of sculpting.
Grey City is an old 40K table made from Hirst components.
Cairn Hills and Grave Yard are old fantasy tables made from pink foam and (once again) Hirst blocks.


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Infestation Malifaux Table

WIP Malifaux table for Adepticon

The Infestation table represents something eating its way through a city block.  Two buildings are reduced to rubble, a third building is half gone and the pumping station seems to have held out without damage.  Two ponds, two feeding pools and a pair of eggs round out the table.

For those of you who have been reading CTF for a while should recognize most of this terrain from various unfinished projects.

If you play Malifaux, please leave feedback on how this table would play.  I don’t play the game (yet?), and have given it a good guess to what would make for a interesting and varied table.


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Terrain Images

First step to any terrain project is drawing inspiration for the piece under construction.  From my RSS feeds, I’ve been collecting terrain themed posts.  Various game systems are represented, Malifaux, Mordheim, 40K, and FOW to name a few.

The conflict in Iraq provides a look into what fortifications really look like.  Easily modeled, but I wonder how well the simple lines of concrete walls would translate to the table top.  There is a reason GW covers everything in skulls – the sense of fantasy and hyper-realism goes hand in hand with gaming.

The other end of real life is Malifaux – a dimensional blasting combination of Old West, Gothic, Demon World and a few other genres.  These PDF files are a collection of game locations that really help set the mood for terrain building:

Reference for a Gremlin Moonshine still – I have a request to figure how to build one.  With a few Hirst barrels, wire and green stuff  it should come together nicely.’s/Detail

all images used without permission

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