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High Seas – First read

Legends of the High Seas by Tim Kulinski

Legends of the High Seas is the latest release from Warhammer Historical. The book allows gamers to take to the seas as Pirates, Privateers and Royal Navy sailors of the 17th century. Printed in full color, High Seas counts 144 pages.

The game is based on the Lord of the Rings combat system and the Mordheim campaign system. Followers of either of these games will find High Seas very familiar. Game play begins by creating a crew of either Pirates, Privateers or Royal Navy. Each crew contains a Captain, several heroes and is filled out with a number of henchmen . The campaign system allows for the crew to develop skills and increased traits as they survive the nine missions provided in the book. The combat system is easy to learn but difficult to master. Heroes have access to Fame and Fortune which allows characters to influence the outcome of melee, movement and shooting. The armory is sparse, with only handful of common weapon types and a small number of exotic weapons.

High Seas is well presented with color photos of figures through out the book and contains a brief miniature gallery with figures from several manufactures.

The book is currently available in the US at various locations including The War Store ($44.99), Scale Creep ($38.00) and ($37.95). For a limited time, the book also includes a ships captain figure in 25mm scale.

Should everything go as planned, I will be enjoying my first game on Tuesday night.

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