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River City Hobbies WAB tournament

River City Hobbies in La Crosse, WI hosted a Warhammer Ancient Battles tournament this weekend.  I had the good fortune to attend.  While a good time was had – I’ll not go into detail about my record….  Let me just say it was not a good day to be my General or to be a member of his body guard.

Army list:  African Invaders army from the El Cid book

  • Mounted General
  • Battle Standard Bearer on foot
  • 2 units of Berbers with bow
  • Mercenary Spearmen
  • Mercenary Knights
  • Berber cavalry
  • Andalusian bowmen


El Cid African Invaders List

River City Hobbies, La Crosse WI is hosting a Warhammer Ancients tournament on August 13th.  In a rare hobby appearance outside of Adepticon, I get to attend….which means I need to get working on a 1500 point list.

First draft from the El Cid African Invaders army list.

  • Emir on horse 175 pts
  • Army Standard Bearer  86 pts
  • Mercenary Spearmen 18  with Lt armor and large shield  267 pts
  • Berber Spearmen 16 + 8 archers with large shield  204 pts
  • Berber Spearmen 16 + 8 archers with large shield  204 pts
  • Mercenary Crossbowmen 10  125 pts
  • Mercenary Knights 10 with heavy armor and warhorse 335 pts
  • Andalusian Archers 9  45 pts
  • Andalusian Archers 9  45 pts

The list has a solid core of 3 strong spear unit, moderate shooting with 34 archers plus the crossbowmen and a hammer in the Knights.  Over half of the army is made up of mercenary units and will be subject to a d6 check at the start of the game and will be unable to use the general’s leadership.  One merc unit can become the general’s body guard and avoid these restrictions – the list was written to add the general to the knights, but I may instead put him on foot with the merc spearmen.  This way the rock of my battle line can take advantage of both the general’s ld9 and the ASB re-roll.  The list is also lacking any good way to chase off skirmishers which are common in the armies I normally face.

At the next club night, I hope to take the list out for a test drive & see how it works.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

On a related topic, GW has come out with their annual price increases along with announcing other assorted unpleasantness.  BOLS has a reasoned response with pricings for sample 40K, WFB and PP armies.  I’m happy to say that my El Cid list with 106 figures comes in between  $185 and $235 (depending on figure sources).   These prices compare well with 40K and WFB in the $400 to $550 range, and even PP (and its handful of models) at $175 to $250.