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Battle of Arsuf at Adepticon 2015

The Battle of Arsuf done with Hail Caesar rules at Adepticon 2015.  A glorious battle with a full table of 8 players.

The game was a close run affair taking up the full three hours.  After many lost units on both sides, the Hospitallers were lost & Saladin’s bodyguards were driven from the field, ending the battle in a draw.

Arsuf Adepticon 2015
Arsuf Adepticon 2015
Arsuf Adepticon 2015 Arsuf Adepticon 2015


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Crusader Leaders

A pair of Crusader leaders.  On the left is a Perry Brothers 1st Crusade figure from the command set.  On the right is a Trent Miniatures figure (listed as King John (Bareheaded), painted in Hospitaller black and white.

The green & red shield is painted using Foundry paints.  I picked up a small number of bottles off of Ebay and rather like the very opaque coverage the line provides.


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FireForge Foot Sergants

A full box of FireForge infantry assembled as 1 unit (24) of Hospitaller Spearmen and 1 unit (24) of Crossbowmen. A variety of colors were used in the painting of these units, I wanted to avoid any strict pattern to support the dirty and mercenary background of these troops.

Fire Forge Spearmen

Fire Forge Crossbowmen

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Perry Hospitaller Unit

A full unit of Perry Brothers Hospitallers.

Hospitaller 2 Hospitaller 1

The command figures and paint plan were previously posted here.

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