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Arab Standard Bearer

The Gripping Beast figures I purchased for my Arab WAB army does not include banners with the standard bearer figures.  The model is simply a figure with hands prepared to accept a home made shaft and banner.  Time to see what I can come up with.

Making a banner for a standard bearer

First, flattened a ball of Procreate between two sheets of plastic taken from a milk jug.  (A little bit of water on the plastic & I had zero issues with the putty sticking to the work surface.)  Next, cut the shape of the banner with an exacto blade (press the cut – don’t drag the cut).  Finally, prop up the banner on a few rods to add the flowing shape.

The standard rod is .052 gauge brass rod.  The banner is attached using super glue with a strip of paper folded over the joint span.  Not only does the paper hide the ugly meeting between banner and rod, but I also hope the superglue infused paper will add a lot of joining strength.

Over all I’m satisfied with the result.  The spotty paper should clean up once painted.  The banner shaft is a bit short, but I’ll sacrifice height for easy transportation of the model.  In the photograph I can see finger prints, but in real life the surface appears clean.

standard bearer

Standard bearer

Standard bearer back

Standard bearer back

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