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Arab Heavy Cavalry 2

Mostly Old Glory with a few Perry to round out the unit to 12.



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Arab Heavy Cavalry

Arab Heavy Cavalry.  Figures are mostly Musketeer with a few MDS, and one Artizan Moor, with a Perry Brothers figure as a division leader.

Paint plan follows my standard Berber pattern.
Arab Cav 1 Arab Cav 2

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Arab Horsemen

A handful of figures by Musketeer Miniatures.

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Senior Ghulam by Musketeer

Senior Ghulam unit for Hail Caesar. Figures by Musketeer. Flag by LBM.

When I first saw the Ghulam miniatures, I just knew I had to work them into my army. Musketeer is sculpting some of the best figure on the market – providing a larger 28mm with real heft and a simplicity of detail.


Arab Cavalry part 2

Second unit for the Caliphate army.  The Perry Bros may sculpt a nice figure – but boy does it take a long time to paint.  These units of 9 are taking up to a month to complete.  Thanks to John for taking photos while I look for a new camera.

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Arab Horsemen part 1

I thought I would never get this unit finished – and its only the first half.  I’m not sure if the horseman and steed just made for too much model to paint or if I’m finally shaking the rust off my painting skills & producing quality works. That’s a bit hint that I’m pleased with the results.  Now I just need 10 more days to finish the other 4.

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