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Quick Links: Alkemy Jungle board

Fabulous 4×4 jungle temple board created for the Alkemy game.

Alkemy jungle tableDrop by the Alkemy forums for 27 more pics of this board, discussion in French. Work-in-Progress shots also on Alkemy. Discussions in English by the builder on Wyrd forums.

Construction appears to be mostly foam board shaved to fit with details scribed in pencil. Statues could be aquarium pieces. Figures in relief are gaming figures. All terrain items are modular – enhancing the playability of the board.

I particularly like this board because it would be so flexible to play on. Alkemy is a medieval fantasy game, but the board would work equally well for pulp adventure or High Seas with a eastern spin.

Update 12-3-2008:  updated forum link for the jungle board. Th original forum post was hacked.  Follow this link to see the rest of the pics.