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Chaos Lord and Chaos Warrior Chariot

Chaos Lord on Mount
Chaos Lord on mount. Weapon is a converted beastman sword with extended pommel.

Chaos Chariot
Chaos Warrior Chariot. Look closely and you’ll be able to spot the halberd from the chaos lord kit.

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A group of Minotaurs from my beast army.

Doom Bull The standard Doombull is just too small. Torso is from the Doom Bull miniature, legs and axe from the Blood Thirster, a claw from the Slaanesh greater Demon and a green stuff loin cloth.












Great Weapons are brutally effective in the hands of Minotaurs. This unit is my favorite group to play with – making it into both my beast and my hordes armies. Nothing says loving like a frenzied charge throwing 16, strength 6 attacks.

Minotaurs 2

Two hand weapons just don’t match up with the damage of great weapon Minotaurs. Wish I had know that before buying the unit. Oh well, they still serve as a useful decoy unit that’s far to dangerous to ignore.



The Shaggoth remains one of the best figures for the Beastman army – its a shame the rules don’t promote the model’s use.


This figure touches on both paint schemes found in my Chaos army. The torso is painted in the khaki tones found in my Beastmen forces while the serpent like legs/tail is a purple color with dark yellow highlights that is typical my demons.

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Chaos Spawn

Why bother with GW Spawn kits when you can create your own?  Can never have too many spawn when playing with Morghur.

beast spawn
Plastic wolf with beastman upper body and green stuff scales.

beast spawn 2
Plastic wolf with banner pole head and green stuff scales.
man spawn 1

man spawn 2

The beast army box has a picture of men turning into beasts. What better spawn then a pair of Empire militia men being torn in two by the forces of chaos.

Slaanesh Fiend
Archive GW Fiend.

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