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WAB classical campaign: Adepticon 2010

We are launching an online Warhammer Ancient Battles classical campaign.  Results of the campaign will feed into concluding events at Adepticon 2010.   Rules of the event are free and easy – its more of way to get a few games in than a simulation of the Successor Wars/Punic Wars.  If your interested in signing up, visit for all the details.

As an aside – the web site is my creation.  I’ve been reading about web design for the past year & this is my first chance at a live site.  The base of the site is a template used as a starting point.  Version 2.0 should come later this summer (after I get my campaign army finished!) with a whole new, and original  layout.  If anyone has feed back on the design, I’d love to hear from you.

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New Miniatures Company: Gorgon Studios

Gorgon Studios launches with their first miniature;  Temperance, a 40mm collectors scale figure.  Soon to follow are two line of Classics miniatures sculpted by Steve Saleh:  early Spartans and Etruscans.

gatesfront temperance

I know the folks behind Gorgon Studios.  I’m both excited to see what they have to offer and confident that they can deliver quality productsto the gaming community.

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Inspiring Sources

Terrain building is more fun with a constant stream of inspiring sources.  Look outside the typical hobby forums for photographs (and photoshops) of real life.


Source: bpkelesy photo used without permission

Could this become a Hirst Castle on an ice peak?  Why does our gaming terrain always have to be flat!

It does not take Photoshop to make something incredible, history is still in the world around us.  Travel logs are rich in photos of castles, forts, churches and abbeys.


The world of architecture has plenty to offer:

Deviant Art is a constant source of images, both real and imagined.  Search by Urban and Ruin for a world fit for any battle field.

Painting decay, rust and ruin can be difficult to master.  Look to real examples to get the tone right at Smashing Magazine.


Source: daniel cheong photo used without permission

Finally, web design sites provide a plethora of textures.  Look at steel, stone, marble, rust and bone for real world color.

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Quick Links: TableTop-World

Table Top World is a new resin terrain company creating fantasy buildings.  Not only do they have 3 three very nice kits to launch their web store, but their build style is completely unique.  When creating a stone effect, they literally use stone to create the model.  Read all about the method in this interview with the owners/sculptors on Cianty’s Tabletop Wargames. Additional images posted to photobucket.

table-top-world-wip table-top-world-forge1-2

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Quick Links: Jons Mini Blog- Saracens

Wonderful unit of Saracen infantry at Jons Mini Blog.   Even if you not into historical figs, you’ll want to check out the brush work.  Strong unifying color with individual accents to both bind the unit and keep each figure unique.

I’ll be sure to return to Jons blog when I get back to my own Arab army project this summer.

Photo credit:  Jons Mini Blog


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Review: Terrain Putty

Terrain Putty is a two part resin marketed by Kraftmark as a terrain builder’s solution.  The product is light weight and produces a dough like putty when mixed.  Combining the resin and hardener is a messy job, frequently getting putty all over one’s fingers.  The resin half is a bit “lumpy” and requires careful attention for a smoothly mix.  The baking analogy continues with the combined product as  the putty feels and acts in the fashion of a sugar cookie dough.  The putty pushes and shapes very well, but has limited ability to pull or stretch. Water functions as a tool lubricant & smoothing agent.  While working time is advertised as 2 hours,  I had no opportunity to work the putty past 90 minutes.

Three Tests

Sculpting: Terrain Putty did a fine job of taking and holding sculpted detail.  The putty is very receptive to finger shaping and able to hold a respectable edge with little work.  Care needs to be taken with the uncured putty, as it has little strength.  Only after 24-48 hours does Terrain Putty develop its full durability.

Patching: As a gap filling product for a resin kit, Terrain Putty does poorly.  The lack of elasticity in the putty makes working a “sausage” into a gap a bit of a chore.

Molding: Terrain Putty does take a texture stamp with some success, although the putty does leave residue on the stamp.  The putty can also be used as a casting material in an RTV mold (such as the Hirst Arts molds).  Terrain Putty is adequate at taking detail & could be used as a substitute for a limited number of pieces if casting resin is not available.

Over all I rate the product a B. The ultra small grain of the epoxy holds detail and takes compression molding very well.  Finally, the price does seem a bit high when compared with other product s on the market.

Project photos: Terrain Putty on the gaming table.


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Quick Links: Favthumbs

Favthumbs is a handy mashup site which displays a site thumb nail for each of your Delicious links.  You don’t even need to have a Delicious account – the interface will display links from any user.  Only draw back I see is a 100 thumb nail limit – but a little bit of tag browsing should get around that.

Do you use Delicious?  Link up your Favthumbs/Delicious account in the comments.

March 12-2009:  Favthumbs is gone.  The owners were not able to support the site & have turned the address into an ad site.

Too bad – I really liked the ability to see the bookmarks as thumbnails.


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FTW contest: Figure Base

From the Warp is sponsoring a best base contest.   Getting motivated was a bit of a problem until I needed a proof of concept test for a pot topper.

What’s a pot topper?  It is a 6 inch disk of static grass used with silk flower arrangements that can also be cannibalized for miniature ground cover.   Look for pot toppers at Michaels Arts and Crafts – mine cost $1.99.  Opening the topper took a sharp scissors and a bit of patience.  The static grass sheet is stiff and full of texture.  When cut apart, the clumps are between 4 & 6 mm tall.  At this point, I’m not certain if they are any improvement over loose static grass, but I see great potential for the grass on larger projects such as terrain.   In any case, the clumps are a much cheaper alternative to Silfor.

The rest of the base is made from more conventional materials:  a bit of bark for the stone & field grass for the tall plant spikes.  Painting is a simple combination of dry brush and wash.  The whole project took about 2 nights of puttering around time in front of the TV.




Quick Links: Okko

Okko is a two player game of samurai warriors based on the comic by the same name.  Published as board game with paper figures, the game was originally intended to be played with pewter miniatures.  YIU (who did such an excellent job with the Alkemy jungle board) created a set of terrain features to support the 3D aspect of the game.

The French language Okko forums contain two WIP threads:  tower and compound. Additional notes in English at the Wyrd forum.   Check out the Fortin and Okko galleries on Photobucket or the unofficial Okko blog.




A handy trick to create rocky ground using a heat gun over insulation foam.  Finished effects shown above in the display bases.


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Quick Links: Marcin

A wonderful new batch of terrain created by Marcin for Adepticon 09.  He has a great eye for detail – perfectly straight plastic card, more rivets than I care to count and no fear of departing from a box design.   The fantasy pieces pleasantly incorporate GW plastic kits and show off some putty work.  Check out the thread on Cool Mini forums for even more pics.  While there, be sure to review Marcin’s collected works.



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