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Ruin Bases

Ruin bases for 40K.  When playing around with Apoxie sculpt, I found the epoxie both carved well and shattered into a natural rock like look.  The plan is to carve an entire floor of ruins, then cut it into 10 1×1 sections and mount on bases.

ruin slab

Step 1:  roll out a 5×2 sheet of Apoxie Sculpt to a thickness of 1/8 inch.  I used a left over piece of half inch pvc as a rolling pin.  Trim the sheet to the rectangular shape.  The sheet is mounted on a piece of vinyl floor tile – smooth, flat and expendable if the Apoxie needs to be force-ably removed.

 Step 2:  Etch ruins using a scribing tool and an x-acto blade.  A two level technique was used for the ruins – deep cut in the center, light cut around the edges.

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Fire Industries

Rackham has a new resin casting division:  Fire Industries.  The web site is rather basic and without much information beyond the displayed product, but in true Rackham fashion – what they do have listed is worth drooling over.  Be sure to check out the Griffon Ruins, this piece has more detail than most figures. 

I’ll need to keep an eye on this site in the hope that they will not only grow the product line, but add in painting/tutorial information.

 Story lifted from Tabletop Gaming News.

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Lesson Learned: Smooth On resin 325

I provided a bit of advice to friend for a resin casting project. He wanted a resin to cast medallions in a one sided mold using a colorant. Smooth On (my supplier of choice), listed an easy to color resin: number 320. Somewhere between my recommendation and the purchase, 320 became 325. And an off-white resin became a clear casting resin.

For our hobby of casting gaming pieces – 325 is the absolutely wrong resin. It’s clear and refuses to take paint. If you use a colorant – the result is a semi-clear, lolly pop like finish. Maybe there is some fun application for this resin, but it’s not in the painted miniatures hobby.

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Adepticon Tournament Objective Counters

The Gallery page is updated with pics of the three objective counters created for the 2007 Adepticon Gladiator and 40K Championship.  The markers will be a fun add-on to the normal tournament fair:  not only will you compete to control the markers during the game, and get to keep them once the game is over, but you will receive a bonus in the subsequent game!  The objectives are one-piece resin models and will be provided unpainted.

Warp Portal ammo crate comm array

Creating and casting the objectives was a fun little project.  Calling myself a sculptor is a bit of a stretch, how about assembler? The markers began life as plastic card, floor tile and a bit of green stuff.  I think I see another How-To article coming out of this. 

One of the bigger challenges was learning to cast in volume.   Because every table at Adepticon needed a marker, that means I needed to cast 90 copies of each objective.   Not wanting to try this one cast at a time, I created “production” molds for each of the markers with 6 cavities.   Saved a lot of time only having to cast 15 sets instead of 90.