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Arab Heavy Cavalry

Arab Heavy Cavalry.  Figures are mostly Musketeer with a few MDS, and one Artizan Moor, with a Perry Brothers figure as a division leader.

Paint plan follows my standard Berber pattern.
Arab Cav 1 Arab Cav 2

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Perry Hospitaller Unit

A full unit of Perry Brothers Hospitallers.

Hospitaller 2 Hospitaller 1

The command figures and paint plan were previously posted here.

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Norman Spearmen & Bowmen

Norman Spearmen 2 Norman Spearman 1 Norman Bowmen

Figures by BTD, Crusader and Gripping Beast.

Paint plan for the bowmen include:

Plague Brown (Vallejo) with Yellowed Bone (Reaper) highlight

Highland Moss (R) with Khaki (V) highlights

Prussian Blue (V) with French Mir. Blue (V) highlights



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A variation on my standard Berber paint theme, turned a bit darker for fire wielding troops.

Musketeer Nafitum 1

Musketeer Nafitum 2


Figures by Musketeer Miniatures

Cloaks and scarves:
Cold Grey (V)
Redstone Highlight (Reaper)

Naffatun pots:
Grass Green (R)
Golden Olive (V)

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Crusader Command

King Richard with bodyguard.
Figures by Wargames Illustrated and Black Tree Design
Crusader Command

Mounted Command
Figures by Crusader and Gripping Beast
Mounted Cursader Command

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Perry Hospitallers

Hospitaller Command 2 Hospitaller Command 1

Perry Miniatures Hospitaller command units.  Rather than a true black color for the robes, a light brown was added over the black primer to create a sun bleached look.

Paint Plan

Black Primer

Robes:  Dusty Skin (Reaper) with 50% black shade

Horses:  Rife Butt (Howard Hues) + Tanned Flesh (GW)

By varying the amount of Rife Butt and Tanned Flesh, a variety of horse colors can be produced.   The base color produces a Chestnut shade which varies from a dark brown up to a warm brown/red. Adding Graveyard Bone (Reaper), creates a chalky brown/grey which could be roan or grey.


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Perry Brothers Crossbows

Perry Crossbow

12 Crossbowmen from the Perry Brothers 1st Crusade line.



Armenian Knights

Perry Armenian 2 Perry Armenian

Models by Perry, with 3 Gripping Beast filling out the back rank.

, ,

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Outreamer Infantry by Black Tree Design

BTD Spearmen BTD Spearmen 2
BTD Archers
Infantry by Black Tree Design.  Spearmen from the 2nd Crusade collection, Archers from the 2nd Crusade and Norman lines.

I used these figures to test a variety of paint & wash combinations.  After initial testing, Leather Brown & Redstone with Dark Sepia, and Dheneb Stone with Stone were chosen for further use.    After the units were complete, I started to find the all over washes were giving the entire unit a uniform dark look.  Going forward, I will need to find a way to brighten up the paint plan.

Armour colors:

  • Dirt (Vallejo)
  • Leather Brown (Vallejo)
  • Redstone Highlight (Reaper MSP)
  • Dheneb Stone (GW)
  • Desert Yellow (GW)


  • Dark Sepia (Secret Weapon)
  • Stone (SW)
  • Brown Ink (P3)

Results:  Brown Ink over Redstone, Leather Brown and Dirt are much too dark.  The base color is lost under the heavy ink.  Stone over Dheneb, Desert Yellow, Leather Brown are OK.  The greenish Stone adds good color to the light Dheneb, the other colors are lightly tinted by the Stone color.  Dark Sepia over Desert Yellow and Leather Brown, as expected the Sepia adds dark character to the base coats.


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Warlord Phalangites

Warlord released their plastic Macedonian Phalangites kit this week.  The box contains figures to make 40 Phalangites, all from a single sprue with 4 bodies, 6 heads, 4 shields and 6 pikes.   The sculpting is first class with sharp detail all around & no noticeable flat areas from the steel molds.  There is no flash on the figures & mold lines are very minor.  Figure size is small – matching well with Gripping Beast metal Phalangites and Immortal plastic Hoplites.   For comparison, a model from the large end of 28mm, the Gorgon Etruscan Hoplite is included in the photos.