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Hirst Pipe Mold Terrain

The 5th ed 40K rules put a new spin on terrain building.  LOS now strictly governs what a model can see.  Area terrain, the abstract fuzzy space of trees or ruins on a platter, is gone.  The solution adopted by Adepticon is to place all terrain objects on 3 inch disks with matching sockets in a MDF base.  The Hirst Arts Pipe molds, along with the Sci Fi molds, provide an excellent resource to build all the required objects.


Pumping station made from 5/8 Pipe mold, 3/8 Pipe Mold, Station Builder, Star Ship Wall mold and the Star Ship Deck mold.



First Rule of Resin Casting …

The first rule of resin casting is to keep moisture away from the resin.  Any contamination & the resin will bubble and will create a flawed casting.  But what happens if water is deliberately introduced to the resin?  Will resin form huge bubbles?  Will the resin geyser like Coke with Mentos?

chem-plant-009The experiment mixed 1 part water with 2 parts resin.  The heavier resin floated to the bottom of the container & resisted mixing with the water.  Only after the excess water was drained from the container did the resin begin to set up.  I was disappointed that the resin/water mix only created a substance some thing like oatmeal.   No 10x expansion in volume.  No flowing river of bubbly resin.  Looks like I need a Plan B to make my toxic chemical soup.

The rest of the project is part of a terrain building surge for Adepticon.  The project will mix the Hirst Arts Pipe molds with Imex plastic kits and a bit of kitchen garbage including water bottles & soup cans.  The resin does serve one purpose – the fragile plastic bottle is now supported by the internal coat of resin.



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RastlCon is a new gaming/hobby convention coming to the Kenosha, WI area 11-22-2008.  An event list seem to be a work in progress, but Rastl is a known Hirst Arts fan & that can only be a sign of good things to come.

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Hirst Arts Terrain & Projects page updated

Updated the Hirst Arts Projects page with three terrain pieces completed several years ago but just recently photographed.

Bell Tower  Small tower  Gothic Drop Pod

1 – Bell Tower using standard plans from the Hirst site.

2- Small Tower using the Turret Mold. 

3- Space Marine Drop Pod built using the Gothic accessory molds.  I like to think of it as a flying crypt.


Hirst Arts Seminar at Adepticon

If you’ve ever wanted to try out the Hirst molds system without having to invest in molds and plaster, or if you’re already a plaster junky and want to hang out with like minded hobbyists, come on out to the Hirst Seminar at Adepticon 2008.   The Hirst Arts Seminar page has all details about what, where and how.

Adepticon 07

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Hirst Ruined Fieldstone WIP

Picked up the new Ruined Fieldstone mold from Hirst Arts  at Gen Con.  After a week of casting, I finally have enough bricks to start building.  The most interesting parts on this mold are the 2.5 inch arch and the pillar pieces.  The arches use a new 3D connection point – makes the arch much easier to glue & keeps the bricks at the proper angle.  The ruined stones are interesting, but I’ve been able to ruin fieldstone with a bit of work.  Cleverly, the ruin pieces stack on each other to create intact bricks.  The only downside to the mold is the number of casts needed to complete a project – each size of brick has only one socket on the mold.

fieldstone1  fieldstone2  fieldstone3  fieldstone 4

After building a “ruined” set of arches, it dawned on me that the structure is not all that ruined.  What’s missing is any sort of ruin along the height of the walls.  The fourth pic is an attempt to build the ruins vertically.  Aside from a bit of sanding, the bricks also work well as worn or damaged spaces in a wall.

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Adepticon: After Action Report

What a weekend!  Thanks to everyone who came out for the Hirst Arts seminars, it was great to meet you all & encouraging to have both sessions sell out.  The con was well stocked with vendor, I had an opportunity to talk with the folks from Blue Table and Battle Wagon Bits, and to do some shopping with Gale Force 9.

Finally, the 40K Championships on Sunday were a pleasure to run.  Thanks to all the staff that helped pull off this effort.  The event sold out (180 tickets), and ran with about 160 players after all the “I can’t feel my hands from rolling dice all week end” drop outs. 

Only 364 days until Adepticon 2008.

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