Bolt Action Soviet Infantry Units

Summer project to create a Soviet army for Bolt Action is mostly done – at least the infantry segment of the army.  Figures are a mix of Warlord Plastics and Black Tree Design metals.

BTD LMG squad

BTD Light Machine Gun squad. 3 LMG, 3 ammo carriers, 8 rifles


Warlord SMG unit: 8

WL Rifle squad

Warlord Rifle unit: 26

Soviet Mortar

BTD Mortar: 82mm

Flame Thrower and Medic

BTD Flamethrowers: 2 Misc figure used as a Medic. Warlord Spotter


BTD SMG squad: 10


Second BTD SMG squad: 10

Paint plan for WW2 Soviet Soldiers

  • Base coat with Krylon brown spray.
  • Body – US Field Drab (V).  Mix with Heavy Goldbrown (V) for a yellow shade.  Mix with Brown Violet for a green shade.
  • Legs – Terran Khaki (R)
  • Straps – Flat Earth (V)
  • Gun Barrels – black under coat, Oily Steel (V) with black ink wash
  • Gun Stocks – Umber Brown (V) wash
  • Skin – Medium Flesh (V) with Gyphonne Sepia (GW) wash
  • Boots – Muddy Brown (R) with black wash, or Walnut Brown(R) with Leather Brown (V)
  • Great Coat (slung) – Terran Khaki (R)
  • Great Coat worn – Heavy Brown (V)
  • Helmets, Metal Equipment – Brown Violet (V)

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